Baby Giraffe and other photos

Due to inclement weather conditions Captain Ashley unfortunately had to cancel our boat trip. Instead we are having a movie night with hot chocolates. Lots of tired children tonight.

I forgot the photo of the baby giraffe earlier (sorry Mr Cole) so am including it now.

I’m also including some previous photos in higher definition so that you can see individual children more clearly.

20170425-75658 pm.jpg

20170425-75734 pm.jpg

20170425-75901 pm.jpg

20170425-75841 pm.jpg

20170425-75941 pm.jpg

20170425-75922 pm.jpg

20170425-75756 pm.jpg

20170425-75810 pm.jpg

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  1. Hope you all have a brill last day at Paignton zoo today. Have a safe journey home, cant wait to see you Brandon and hear all about your time away love you lots and missing you loads x

  2. Great photos Mr Pennington! The baby giraffe looks very sweet. Have a fab last morning and a safe journey back home to woolsery, can’t wait to hear all the about it Archie. Love from all of us xxx

  3. Great photos Mr Pennington – thank you. That’s a shame about the boat trip, but I’m sure a movie and hot chocolate was welcomed by all after such a busy day. :) Have a great time at the zoo tomorrow and a safe journey home. Sleep tight, Joseph-we can’t wait to see you! x

  4. Hi Jack hope your having a good time. See you soon hope Brandon isnt waking you up too early in the morning!! Night everyone enjoy your last day in Paignton

  5. Its such a shame about the boat trip. Have a great time at the zoo tomorrow before you come home. Cant wait to hear all about it. We managed to spot you in the photos now Mr P has re posted them!! Love the baby giraffe photo. Night night Brandon cant wait for my snuggle cuddles tomorrow, love you loads. Got to go make Cody a hot chocolate now!! See you soon x

  6. Lovely photos. Thank you Mr Pennington. I hope you all enjoy your movie and hot chocolate evening. Sounds good to me. Sleep well everyone. Night night Chester. X

  7. Your not having much luck with your transport while your away first the bus breaks down, then the boat trip is cancelled!! Hope your journey home is more successful .The baby giraffe looks so cute. Enjoy your movie and hot chocolate. Talking of hot chocolate now I want one!! Lol

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