Sulawesi Black Macaques

This afternoon we had a workshop to learn about the black macaques. We heard how their numbers are declining due to hunting and deforestation. We made enrichment feeders for them and threw them into their enclosure for them to find.

Then we had some free time around the zoo. We managed to see the baby giraffe. Very cute!

20170425-50400 pm.jpg

20170425-50537 pm.jpg

20170425-50440 pm.jpg

20170425-50504 pm.jpg

20170425-50454 pm.jpg

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  1. Lovely pics! Gorgeous sunshine! Enjoy tonight Danny and your last day tomorrow – big hugs and love – we miss you sooooooi much xxxxxx

  2. Looks like you’re all having fun, lovely picture of Kaicee 4th one down hee hee, can’t wait to see you tomorrow even though I got a cheeky kiss and cuddle this morning 🤣 Xxxx

  3. Hi Lizzie lovley to see what you are up to. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get home. Hope you and Grace are getting some sleep!!! Night night.

  4. That sounds like great fun – I’d love to see a baby giraffe! Have a brilliant time on the boat and enjoy your last night. Glad to see you’re using my camera, Joseph – get lots of pictures!
    I can’t wait to hear all about your amazing adventure! x

  5. Looks so much fun and a baby giraffe too! Have a great sleep and look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow, love from us all

  6. Hi callum, hope your having a lovely time. We miss you and love you lots, from Auntie Anna & Uncle Scott

    Darcie sends you big cuddles too

  7. Wow – that’s a mighty looking lion! There are so many cheeky little monkeys that I can’t tell the Woolsery kids from the Macaques!;)x

  8. Hi Erin im missing you at school, hope your having a great time. See you soon. I hope Brandon is being a good boy. Hope you didnt leave him in the monkey enclosure!!! Lol

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