Goodbye Paignton

After a fantastic few days at Paignton we are finally on our way home.

This morning our workshop was all about habitats and adaptations. We learned all about camouflage and the different defence mechanisms that animals have.

The hotel and zoo have both commented on how well the children have behaved. They have been a real credit to us.

Finally, thank you for all your comments. See you soon.

20170426-13538 pm.jpg

4 responses on Goodbye Paignton

  1. Thank you all so much! Joseph had such an amazing time, we’ve loved hearing about his adventures and seeing his pictures. It’s such a brilliant experience for them all. He seems to have grown up so much over the last few days – I hope he’s not expecting “a fry-up and breakfast tea with two sugars” in the morning!

  2. What a wonderful time you have all had. We are really looking forward to hearing all about it. Thank you very much to all the staff for looking after the children throughout the trip. X

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