Boiling Brownsham


Today in the boiling heat, Alminstone and Stroxworthy explored Windbury Hill Fort and Brownsham Woods.  After we arrived, we split into our different clans and painted our faces ready for the day.  We followed a treasure trail through the woods searching for clues and research about the Celts and the Iron Age.  Just before lunch, we arrived at the site of Windbury Fort and its impressive position high above the sea to watch attackers draw near.  We then had lunch around the fire in true Iron Age fashion and looked at a range of artefacts borrowed from Exmoor National Park.  We finished the day with a woodland walk back to the Wild Play area with a rope swing, meadow, thatched round house and more woods to explore and play in.  Well done to all the children who didn’t complain about the heat or the walk.  You are all superstars. 

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