Adventure International: we’ve arrived!

We’ve arrived, unpacked, explored the Centre. Now playing in the lovely evening sunshine!
Tea at 5.40. 😎




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  1. Enjoy yourselves year 6, make lots of happy memories. The sea looks very inviting, enjoy a fabulous time. Xxx

  2. looks like you’re having fun playing basketball in the sun William. Have a wonderful time and Harriet says she’s so jealous! She says it’s the best holiday ever so really enjoy every minute.

  3. Hallo, Bude Year 6. I can see you are all settled in and meeting new friends. Have a great day tomorrow and keep sending the photos. We will check each day up in Ashmansworthy while we are creating great pieces of art—-yes Miss Butler, we will try! Sleep well.

  4. Great to see the sun shining for everyone. Have a great time Jo, enjoy yourself! Love from mum and dad xxxx

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