High Ropes

After a good night’s sleep, a morning swim/run and a hearty breakfast, we were all ready to face the high ropes course. The children tackled the various challenges with their usual enthusiasm and fearlessness, and most of them made it round the top course. The other challenges were the “Leap of Faith” where you had to climb up to a small platform, stand up and leap of, catching hold of the trapeze; the bird-table where you have to fit 4 children on a platform the size of a tea tray and then hold hands and lean back; and Jacob’s Ladder. After all that excitement, we enjoyed eating our lunch in the sunshine.


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    1. He was making it look too easy, so was challenged to do it without a shoe. Nope, it didn’t slow him down…

  1. Wow Lily! That Leap of Faith must have been scary, but you did it 😊 Awesome! Great to see you always smiling. Love you and missing you loads xx From all of us xx

  2. Well done William there are some lovely photos of you on the high ropes. We’re all very proud of you.

    1. At first I was a bit scared. I didn’t trust it that much. But after I did it I wanted to go on to harder things. I felt proud even though my legs were wobbling like jelly! (William)

  3. Hi Cody, well done with the climbing today some great pictures of you. We are all very proud of you. Miss you loads. Love Mum, Dad, Emily and Brandon

  4. This certainly looks like a challenge! I think you’re doing tremendously well Joseph. Well done. Love mum and dad xxxx

  5. Well done everyone you are all amazing. There is no way you would get me to do any of that!! Hope everyone is having a great time.

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