Kayaking on the canal (Group A)

A lovely afternoon was had by all, messing about in boats on the canal. Kayak yoga was a great idea…until we fell in!


5 responses on Kayaking on the canal (Group A)

  1. Looks like you have all had another brilliant day. You don’t seem to be able to stay dry for long Lily!😉 Lovely to see you having s much fun. Love you xx

  2. Well done everyone. You all look a little wet!! What were the other group doing why you were kayaking? Surfing looked fun Cody wish i could do it.

  3. Looks like you got a bit wet Lily! Haha 😁 I will give you a big hug when you come home. Love from Jack x

  4. Thank you for the video Miss Butler! Such a beautiful day and well done to Jo on his first kayaking experience!

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