Surfing in the Sunshine

We all had a lovely time surfing in the sunshine this morning!

8 responses on Surfing in the Sunshine

  1. Morning, fab photos from yesterday! A great day for surfing. We can see you are having fun Sophie. Well done you always look happy in the water. Have a fantastic day. Big hugs & love xxx 😎

  2. wow what a day to surf! that looks like so much fun. Perfect weather. You’ll want to join groms like your sister now won’t you William.

  3. What an ideal and beautiful day for you to try surfing Joseph! You look happy and like you’re having lots of fun. Well done! Lots of love from Mum and Dad xxxxx 😊🌞

  4. Well done everyone you all look like you had so much fun surfing. Really proud of you Cody. Did anyone stand up on their boards in the sea??

  5. What a lovely day for surfing! Looks like you are having a fantastic time Amy! X

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