Caving (group a)

It was a hot afternoon for caving.

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  1. Hope you didn’t overheat in that boiler suit Jo!! 😵Enjoy your evening!! Lots of love xxx

    1. Jo has enjoyed reading your comments. Thanks for all your feedback.😀

  2. Have a brilliant last evening at Adventure International William. I can see you’ve had the best holiday. Harriet said she didn’t want to come home when she went and she’s sure you’re going to feel the same. Enjoy every minute of it!!!

    1. Thank you for all the lovely comments. William has enjoyed reading them 😀

  3. Hope you all enjoy your last evening at Adventure International. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Lily xx

  4. Have you lost group ‘B’ we haven’t seen pictures of them since the surfing!!!

    1. We’ve been a bit busy! We try to get everyone but can’t be everywhere- sorry.

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