Spaghetti bridges

Today, Alminstone and Ashmansworthy classes tried the ‘Spaghetti Challenge’ set by the North Devon Manufacturing Assosciation. The children had to construct the longest bridge made out if spaghetti, marshmallows and two strips of sellotape.  The bridge then had to hold an egg for 30 seconds.  The challenge was then extended to how many eggs the bridge could then hold.  However, the pupils were not allowed to gradually add eggs until the structure collapsed, they had to estimate the number and then try and place them on.  Alminstone started well recording the longest bridge of 39.5cm and a bridge holding 8 eggs, both achieved by all girl teams. The number of eggs held on a bridge was later surpassed by Ashmansworthy class and the same team who won last year with an incredible 9 eggs.  There are many more schools taking part in the challenge, but currently Woolsery School lead both competitions.  Fantastic engineering boys and girls, well done. 

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