We The Curious

Stroxworthy, Alminstone and Ashmansworthy classes had a fantastic time at “We The Curious” in Bristol. Year 5 and 6 had were learning about fossils and evolution in our workshop. We were able to handle lots of different types of fossils and investigate what they were and how the creatures came to be fossilised. We even had some fossilised poo called coprolite!

Our next activity was tracking the evolution of the horse using evidence from millions of years ago. Did you know the earliest ancestor of the horse was the size of a cat, had three toes and ate ferns? Through the process of evolution it became the horse that we know today.

Finally we had the battle of the beaks. Using a range of different type “beaks” (pegs, tweezers and bulldog clips,) the children had 30 seconds to collect as much seed as they could from their habitat. The most successful “beaks” would ensure survival of the species.

After a very welcome lunch (we were starving!), we had plenty of time to explore all the exhibits in the rest of the museum. The children’s behaviour was exemplary and am am sure they all got a great deal out of the day. We will continue our work on evolution and inheritance in our science lessons this term. (Watch out for the battle of the beaks part II!) Thank you to all the parents who helped us today and to Mr Davies for organising the trip.

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