Yesterday afternoon during Forest School, Alminstone class tried orienteering.  In Maths, we have learnt how to read co-ordinates (along the corridor and up the stairs) and used this to help map read around the school.  Working in teams of three, we were given co-ordinates which we had to find on the map, go there and find a letter and record it.  We then returned to get the next set of co-ordinates.  When we had found all 12 letters that were mixed up, we had to rearrange them to spell out a word.  It was co-ordinates!!  We learnt good teamwork skills and perseverance.  Well done everyone, you all did really well. 

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  1. I love working as a team because you get to work together and it is normally more fun to do somtuing with a team then alone.

  2. Sound like a lot of fun. It’s really good that you work teams. Because you need some help every once in a while and that’s why you work in teams. From Rachel

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