Using our senses including a sense of balance

Today in Forest School, Alminstone tried a number of activities to try and experience what it would feel like to be blind.  We closed our eyes which meant as we lost one of our senses (sight), we became more dependent on our other senses.  We tried a blind trail, following a string over and under a number of trees and a barrel.  Our descriptive skills were put to the test as we had to feel an object inside a bag and describe it, so our friends could guess what the object was. We also tried to test our sense of balance by completing Jedi Knight training, which involved travelling across a bench in different ways including with our eyes shut.  The final challenge involved communication and teamwork.  Using only two fingers, every person in the team had to lower a 1.5m stick to the ground, keeping it horizontal and always touching the stick.  It was a challenge that sounded quite straight forward, but proved extremely difficult to time the movements exactly.

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