Water problems

During Forest school today, Alminstone class faced two challenges working in groups.  The first saw us split into two villages.  Each village had the same number of containers to collect water for their village.  The problem was that the water was at the opposite end of the field.  We were given the same amount of time to work together in our villages to retrieve the most water.  We were learning to appreciate how lucky we are to have running water from a tap and the difficulties faced by thousands of people across the world on a daily basis.  The second challenge facing us involved dirty water.  In groups of four, we were given a range of equipment to try and making the water as pure as possible.  We were given sieves, funnels, material, filter paper and any other equipment we could find to try and purify the water.  The winning group picked out the larger debris and then used the material to filter the water 5 times making it look a lot clearer, but still not drinkable!

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