22 beds made in record time. Having lunch now before embarking on our first adventure!

9 responses on Lunchtime

  1. Great to see what you upto. Have lot of fun Liz. Hugs from Dad and Jose.licks and wags from Abi and Ralph!

  2. Enjoy your Dartmoor adventure everyone! Big hugs & kisses for Archie. From Mum, Dad, Chloe & Sophie Xx

  3. The beds are done? Wow! I thought struggling with duvet covers was a full-afternoon’s activity!

    Everyone looks happy, have a brilliant time.


  4. What?! Beds made already? What will you do for the rest of the day? #awesometeamwoolsery

  5. And you’re still smiling 😊 Enjoy your first adventure everyone. Lots of love to James xxx

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