Wednesday morning: High ropes

This morning the children faced their fear of heights by challenging themselves on the high ropes. They worked together to help with the ropes and shout encouragement as they worked their way up the leap of faith and  the table top, which wobbled uncontrollably! Lots of children faced the ultimate challenge of the aerial course which had many difficult obstacles to conquer. I was really proud of how everybody tried their hardest to overcome their fears and push themselves to the limit. Next challenge…climbing wall (should be a piece of cake!).


2 responses on Wednesday morning: High ropes

  1. Un Be Lieve Able !!!!

    So Very Brave….Look at you all….Scout, You and your friends reaching such great heights,
    Well Done All of you
    Cant wait to see what tomorrows pics will bring…is there anything even left to do lol
    you have all done so well, experienced lots and achieved so much.
    See you all tomorrow
    Nite Scout and All

  2. Brilliant pictures, i think you are all very brave going so high. Well done!!

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