Forensic Science workshop

Today, Ashmansworthy class were very lucky to have Ruth from Sciencedipidy to teach us some forensic science techniques. When we arrived in school, we were faced with a crime scene in the yurt. A piggy bank had been broken and there was the outline of a body on the floor. There were various clues that we had to analyse in order to find the culprit.

We did an analysis on the fingerprints to match it to one of the suspects; we analysed a blood sample to find their blood group; the white powder which was left behind was tested to find out its chemical make up; and finally we extracted DNA. We narrowed it down to one of the suspects, Lou Lou, whose profile matched allĀ  the evidence.

The children really enjoyed the challenge of learning complex scientific techniques and now have a much better understanding of how forensic scientists use evidence to help solve crimes.

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  1. This workshop was so cool! I really enjoyed the Forensic Science Day!! There are so many things that i have learnt just like lots of different blood types like: A+, A-, B+, B-, O+,O-, AB+, AB-. I have also learnt that you can find out who’s hair is whos from the DNA on the hair. On the chemical analysis we could mess around when we finished testing what happens to the grain or white powder. When I was messing around I made one fizz up like a volcano! I never knew that I have very different fingerprints! Thankyou Ruth for this amazing day!!

  2. The best part of the workshop on my opinion was the chemicals because it was so fun to see the reactions some fizzed up while others turned bright pink!

  3. l really enjoyed doing forensic science because it was a good inderpendent skills for us and it was really cool and l liked it alot and l hope we do a task like this again,my best part was when we had the powder and salt and added the chemicals to it and it changed into diffrent coulurs

  4. I really enjoyed forensic science,i want to do it again and my favourite part was chemical analysis !!!!!!!

  5. i enjoyed this because when we did fingerprint then we did the chemical analysis and when we mixed some of them it bubbled and fizzed, i would love to do this again!!!!

  6. This was a great workshop it was very enjoyable! There was a crime scene in the yurt we had to find out which one of the four suspects had done the crime of knocking out the cleaner! There was a smashed piggy bank with tracings of blood some half eaten sweets a salt container a white powdered substance e.c.t. We had to work out what blood group the blood was, there is eight blood groups O+,O-,A+,A-,B+,B-,AB+,AB-. The crime scene blood was A+ which matched Lou Lou (one of our suspects). Then we analyed the white powder by adding a weak acid (vinegar) universal indicator and iodine. It turned out to be citric acid. We had to match the fingerprints to a suspect they were Lou Lou’s. After completing all of the activities it was Lou Lou! Overall we all had a great day! Thanks Ruth!

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