Daniel Okiror

Daniel is staying with one of our children and he came into share his African culture with the children of Stroxworthy class.  He talked about Uganda and the animals that live there.  At home he is involved with street children and the children saw clips of the children completing gymnastic moves, singing and dancing.

Alyssa asked “What’s your favourite instrument?”   Daniel replied “Instruments help me to tell a story and his first instrument was his favourite, Akogo”

We had a go at singing and dancing using African music.  Can they show you at home?

Arthur asked “What is your favourite creature?”  Daniel replied ” The powerful lion.”

Rojan asked ” What age did you start to play music?”  Daniel replied ” I was 3 years old whilst my gran had left me at home.”

Can you play an instrument?


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  1. Thank you for having Daniel visit and to the children for making it such fun! It was lovely that the children wanted to create conversation about the animals they had seen and instruments they could play as well as ask Daniel questions and joining in dancing.

  2. That looks amazing fun and a very special opportunity to learn first-hand about another culture. I wish I’d been able to join in!

  3. Thank you Daniel, Arthur was very enthused by your visit. He has told me how to frighten off a lion and how to kill a snake. He really enjoyed meeting you.

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