Forest School – Animal creations

Over the last two sessions of Forest School, Alminstone Class have been learning how to use a range of tools to create their own wood crafted animals.  In the first session, we learnt how to work together to safely use a bow saw to cut the legs for our animals.  This week, we used bill hooks to split some larger logs in half.  By striking firmly down on the bill hook and taking care not to hit the teacher, we struck the bill hook until it split the wood. This then formed two bodies for our animals.  Then using different drill bits, we drilled into the larger logs and then pushed our legs into the body.  Finally, we secured them by carefully knocking them into the log.  Next week, we hope to add a tail, a face and any other details.  Whilst we waited to use the drills, we had to work in teams to build the tallest tower using only twine and sticks from the Forest School area.  Most teams made ours taller than our Forest School ranger who is over 6ft!

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