Happy Birthday!!!!

The Tree is planted. The Time Capsule buried. The cake is eaten and the Victorian clothes worn.

Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make today’s 140th Birthday celebrations such a success  – we’ve all had a lovely day!

Thank you also to Larry, Anna and Rory for getting our original school bell working for today as well. We rang the children in to school and from playtime and lunchtime with it today from its temporary stand before it’s hoisted back home in the coming weeks. What a lovely surprise!

Here are some photos from the day…

3 responses on Happy Birthday!!!!

  1. Woolsery School was good, I loved school it was good today. It was the schools 140th birthday, I enjoyed making the number 140 in the playground, afterwards we went onto the field to play games and have cake, it was yummy!

    Happy Birthday Woolsery School

  2. Amazing! Why did Alminstone class have to write with their right hand? I found it tricky it must of been tricky in the Victorian times?

    I had an amazing time.

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