Newsletter: 1st February 2019


We’ve had a lovely day here at school today, building, playing and creating in the snow! Thank you to everyone who was able to come in – and we hope that those of you who couldn’t had a lovely time too – we missed you! All absences today will be recorded with a special weather code which the Local Authority have given us permission to use, so please don’t worry that the snowfall will affect your child’s attendance figures.

This is a brief Newsletter this week, for obvious reasons. The full version will be back next Friday.

Trading Cards

I am really sorry but after much consideration, I have taken the decision to ask the children to leave their trading cards (Pokemon, Lego, Football etc) at home. We have had a good run with them -much longer than in previous years- but now too much time is being taken to sort out disputes and squabbles with them. I know this will be upsetting for the children who have still been getting a lot of real pleasure from their collections and it may be that after a few weeks’ break, we can allow them back into school again later in the term. For the present time, though, please don’t let your child bring them in. Thank you.

Single Use Plastics Needed!

Alminstone Class are working with an artist to create an art installation to accompany their Project on the effect of plastics on our Oceans. To compete this, they need single-use plastic bottles between 500ml and 2l in size, and also any plastic straws you may have. If as a family you’ve decided not to use single use straws any more but still have some in the back of a drawer, this is the ideal opportunity to put them to good use! Any donations can be sent straight into Alminstone Class, please.

London Residential

Please remember that if your child is in Year 5 and is booked on the London Residential in March, we have a parents information meeting on Wednesday 6th February from 6pm. You are very welcome to bring your child along too and ask questions about what will be happening during our three day visit.

Birthday Thanks

Wow! We had a wonderful day on Monday celebrating our 140th Birthday. It’s hard to believe looking out of the window this morning that the two days are from the same week! Thank you so much to everyone who really entered into the spirit of the day, whether dressing up or immersing themselves in the Victorian School experience! We hope memories from the day will last a long, long time!

The restored bell on its temporary frame

The original inscription restored





The Week Ahead

  • Monday: 
  • Tuesday: Mrs Kersey and Mrs Farmer out all day – KS1 Assessment Training
  • Wednesday: London Residential Meeting 6pm
  • Thursday: Miss Butler and Mr Davies out all day – Maths Training; Mr Cole with Ashmansworthy all day. Revised date for Scouting Taster Sessions – 6:30pm at School
  • Friday: 

With best wishes,
Matt Cole
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