Good Morning, London!

Yes…everyone slept really well 😊😊😊

Breakfast is at 8 so we’ll post more photos then… but…

Mrs Oyarzabal and I just had to share- we were bursting with pride last night. After the Lion King finished, the Sound Engineer who works on the show and sits in a booth at the back of the Stalls (behind us) made a point of coming down to our seats to congratulate the schools on both the children’s behaviour throughout the show and their enthusiasm and engagement with the production. She said she’d not seen a better example of a school group to the Lion King. And the Lion King gets a lot of school groups!


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  1. That is such a lovely compliment – and very well deserved! I hope you’re all having a lovely time. xx

  2. Morning James, it sounds as if the Lion King was amazing. It is lovely to hear wonderful comments from the sound engineer regarding both schools. Well done everyone. Enjoy today on the London Eye, eek! Lots of love Mum, Dad and Henry xxx

  3. Morning Callum,
    Finley missed you this morning hurrying him along to get ready.
    Have an amazing day!
    Lots of love from
    Us All

  4. Morning Alfie , hope you have a fantastic day !. You should all be very proud of yourselves for those lovely comments from the lion king !

  5. Morning Lizzie, great to hear you are all having such a lovley time, have a super day!

  6. Wow!! That is amazing news!! You should all be so proud of yourselves. Have a great day everybody!! X

  7. Morning Archie. Have an amazing day! 😄 Take in every part of the day. Love from all of us. Xxxxx

  8. Bless them. Very proud of you all. 😀 Enjoy your breakfast….can’t wait to see more photos. Mrs Stevens x

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