Goodbye Heatree!

So, that was a truly awesome few days – I hope your children enjoy retelling their experiences…and don’t forget that although we’ve read the comments to them each day, they’ve not seen the photos, so please take time to share them over the coming days.

The children have all grown over the last few days and developed just a little more independence – they have been a lovely group to take away!

That’s it from the Heatree 2019 blog- thank you for your support in making it all possible.

Mr Cole, Mrs Kersey and Mrs Newell

8 responses on Goodbye Heatree!

  1. Thank you all for looking after Ralph so well… in his own words “I believed in myself, So I could” …. he has loved every minute and can’t wait til the next adventure with his fantastic school ❤️

  2. Thank you for such amazing few days as SEBASTIAN just cant stop talking about it and he just told me he not my little man anymore as he a big boy now because he been away with out me xx Thanks again

  3. Thank you so much to all the teachers that made this happen it’s been an experience I will never forget, so thank you and I hope I can come back to heatree some day

  4. Thank you all very much Finley had an amazing time and has not stopped talking.

  5. Thank you for all the time,energy and experience you gave to our children over the last few days and also bringing them back safely

  6. Thank you to all of you for looking after our little girl we have all missed her lots xx

  7. Thank you Mr Cole, Mrs Kersey and Mrs Newell, for offering this experience and giving your time!😇👍

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