Newsletter – 3rd May 2019


Back in the winter, a group of Year 5 children who were due to do Bilkeability were snowed off. If this was your child, their Bikeability sessions will run next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Therefore, your child will need their bike in school in a roadworthy condition, and also have a helmet. Please note, this is ONLY for children who were previously booked to take part in the training and is not open to additional children joining at this point.

Burford Woods Days

Thank you to all of the parents who halped out with the Burford Woods Forest School sessions this week. The children had an amazing time and, as always, gained a huge amount from spending time in our mature woodland near Clovelly. There are lots of lovely pictures on our Blog! Our whole Forest School programme is totally dependent on us having enough parent volunteers to support the Forest School Leader. We are currently recruiting for the Autumn Term, so it it’s something you’d like to find out more about, you can talk to any of the qualified Forest School Leaders here at school: Mr Pennington, Miss Butler, Mr Davies, Mr Cole, Mrs Todd and Mrs Kersey.

Football Posts

As you may remember, when the School Field became the night landing site for the Air Ambulance, we had to take down the lower of our two football goals that were dontated by Woolsery Football Club Veterans a few years ago. We have bought four new foundation tubes which need to be set into the field to rotate the pitch by 90 degrees. This isn’t a massive job – the foundation tubes are only about 45cm long – but having the new tubes concreted in situ will mean both goals can be brought back into use, both for school and for the wider community to play on the field out of school hours. If you are able to give some time to carry out this job for us, we’d be hugely grateful – please let us know via the school office. Thanks


We have a couple of classes with outbreaks of headlice at the moment. Please could you check your child’s hair and treat if needed over the long weekend? Thank you.


School attendance continues to be a problem for us this year. Generally, attendance is lower than it has been in previous years and parents with children having less than 90% will be receiving a letter from me today. It would help enormously if everyone could ensure their child attends school whenever possible. If your child is a bit under the weather, it’s not necessary to keep them off school all day – we are happy to give Calpol etc to keep them going and actually many children find the day passes quicker with their friends in the routine of the school.

This week, a promotion flyer was delivered to households in Woolsery (and possibly other places) which contained an offer for free compost and bedding plants. If you don’t inted to use the offer yourself, but would like to use it to obtain either compost or plants and then donate to the school, we would be hugely grateful. Sadly, we cannot accept the vouchers themselves because the offer can only be used by private households, but anything you are able to share with us will give the children an immense amount of pleasure as we get into their gardening season. Thank you.

Bude Lifeboat Junior Run is on the evening of June 12th. So far, we have two children from the school entered to take part in this one mile course in aid of Bude RNLI. If you would like to take part, you can go to to find out more and to register. Please note, recruitment for the run is almost full, so only a few places are available.

Family Group Points

So, with the first two weeks of term done, the Family Group Table looks like this…

  1. 154 Points   Silver Birch
  2. 153 Points    Hazel
  3. 148 Points    Elder
  4. 129 Points    Sycamore
  5. 128 Points    Oak
  6. 113  Points    Willow
  7. 98  Points    Beech

The children are competing for a non-uniform day at school at the end of this half term.

Well done to everyone Who has gained a Headteacher Award this week for impressing their teachers in class…

  • Cranford: Riley – trying hard to form his numbers correctly; Archie – great work in maths this week
  • Burscott: Santino – excelling in Forest School at Burford Woods this week; Harry – working really hard on his tree poem this morning
  • Stroxworthy: Josie – being a good team player during PE; Ralph – outstanding effort in PE
  • Alminstone: joanne – fantastic classwork including excellent answers to challenging questions; Ashton – making a good effort with his home reading, homework and for listening well in class.
  • Ashmansworthy: James – making improvements in the quantity and quality of his work, and improving his handwriting signifcantly; Rivers – trying hard with his science writing and making progress with using punctuation

  • Monday: School Closed – Public Holiday
  • Tuesday: Bikeability for Y5 sessions lost due to snow
  • Wednesday: Bikeability for Y5 sessions lost due to snow, Mr Cole out PM (DTSA)
  • Thursday: Bikeability for Y5 sessions lost due to snow, Mr Cole out AM (ACCT), Mrs Miles out all day
  • Friday Mrs Miles out all day

With best wishes,

Matt Cole, Headteacher.

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