Newsletter: 17th May 2019

Our Annual Miniature Gardens competition is back!

A usual, the Gardens should be created by the children using an “official” seed tray which can be collected from Mrs Kersey from next Monday. This is an ideal Half Term project!
Prizes have once again been donated by Merry Harriers and, for those of you who don’t know, all entries are placed on display at Merry Harriers Garden Centre and are voted on by members of the public over a week or so.
Categories: for judging and prizes:
Reception age and under (5 years and under)
KS1 (6-8 years)
KS2 ( 8-11 years)
Themes: Children can choose to design a garden in any of these themed areas:
  1. Birds, bees and butterflies garden
  2. Peter Rabbit garden
  3. On Safari garden
  4. Treasure Island garden
 Collect your seed tray from Mrs Kersey from week commencing Monday 20th May.  Closing date for completed entries Wednesday 12th June. Gardens will be on display from Friday 14th June.

STEM Award

Huge congratulations to Chester, Joseph, Rivers and Ricards for being a winning team the “Strongest Structure to hold the most Eggs” category of the north Devon Manufacturer’s Association’s annual Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) Challenge. The boys attended a gala presentation night last night (Thursday) along with Larry and Miss Butler where they received their award on stage and then enjoyed a chip banquet afterwards. We’re very proud of you, boys, Well Done!!

FOWS Update

Unfortunately we have had insufficient entries for the W-Factor Talent Show at the end of next week so the event will not now take place. The Committee have also decided to mothball FOWS until the next AGM, which takes place in September. This decision has been taken because the very, very few parent volunteers on the committee just can’t sustain FOWS activities without more support. At the AGM a decision will be made whether to wind FOWS up or to reinvigorate it in some way. This can only happen with substantially more members stepping forward. As you can image, this is a massive blow to the school who, in the present funding crisis, has been relying on FOWS more and more to supplement spending on your child’s education. I very much hope that the organisation can be saved once we get to September.

Well Done Year 6

All SATS tests are now completed for our Year 6 group and they have been sent off for marking. Well done everyone for getting through some pretty challenging papers this year! Thank you also to parents and families for supporting the children so well, so that all children were fully prepared for their tests each day. Results will be out in early July.

Quadkids Athletics

Today, a group of children went to the North Devon Athletics Track for the annual Quadkids inter school tournament. Mrs Furse accompainied the children and said that the group’s behaviour and determination was superb throughout the day. We’re delighted that the school came 8th overall – many schools from across the region take part and this represents an excellent result for our small school! Well done, everyone – we’re very proud of you!

Family Group Points

So, with the tally for this half term complete, the winners of the Non Uniform Day next Friday are Silver Birch Family Group (Miss Butler’s Group) with 239 Points! Children in this Family Group may come to school next Friday in any clothes they choose, but everyone else should be in regular uniform please. Well done, Silver Birch!

  1. Silver Birch – 239
  2. Elder – 228
  3. Hazel – 221
  4. Sycamore – 199
  5. Oak – 193
  6. Willow – 192
  7. Beech – 167


Well done to everyone Who has gained a Headteacher Award this week for impressing their teachers in class…

  • Cranford: Olivia – drawing an amazing giant!; Ollie – drawing an amazing giant!
  • Burscott: Isobel – working really hard on her 3x table this week; Melanija – good progress in reading and writing
  • Stroxworthy: Imogen T – being creative in Forest School, Hope  – helping others in the classroom
  • Alminstone: Morgan C – working hard independently in his explanation writing; Morgan L  – being more focused in all his learning and producing excellent work.
  • Ashmansworthy: Lilly – writing a lovely report about puffins using formal language; Rebecca – always producing work of an extremely high quality and being conscientious in all her writing

  • Monday: Annie’s music lessons today instead of Wednesday
  • Tuesday: Mr Cole out (AM) – meeting. Full Goverors 5:30pm
  • Wednesday: Tag Rugby Festival (selected children) ; Miss Butler and Mr Cole to meeting
  • Thursday: 
  • Friday: Non Uniform Day for Silver Birch Family Group  

With best wishes,

Matt Cole, Headteacher.

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