Ashmansworthy’s Arty Friday

This morning, Mrs Coles who is an art teacher, worked with us to produce some clay herrings as part of a whole school art installation to celebrate the school’s 140th birthday. Herrings were chosen as Clovelly is famous for its herring fishing industry. The children had to cut around a template of a fish and then use various objects to make marks and patterns on the surface. After practising their designs on a spare bit of clay, the children then decorate the surface of the fish. I think you’ll agree they all look amazing and are all unique. Everyone in the school will get the opportunity to make their own herring, which will then get fired, glazed and then fired again before being displayed on the way in to school.  I can’t wait to see the finished piece.

After break we got into our family groups to produce a new banner for sports day next week. The children designed and painted their banners in their groups, and a few children helped to whittle the hazel sticks to attach to the banners once they are dry. Now let’s hope for a dry  sports day…

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  1. I really enjoyed this! my favourite part was the fish and how the different things made different patterns!

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