Taste buds tickled for Stroxworthy class

Jay Oyarzabal brought in a selection of items for us to smell, touch and taste.  Carrots were originally yellow and because people wanted to please William of Orange they grew orange carrots.

What was the name of the beans Jay brought in?  Did you like the beetroot, parsnip or artichoke crisps?  Which vegetable reminds Jay of snails? What drinks can you make with elderflower?

We tried something sour, salty, bitter and sweet.  Which did you prefer?

We identified mint,  What other herbs did you smell?  Did you know if you clapped mint, the cells are squashed and the aroma is released?

What did liquorish look like?

REMEMBER not to pick and eat any leaves/flowers that you see in your garden or on walks, unless you check with your adult.

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