We’ve arrived!

We have arrived at Adventure International for our week of exciting activities! After Mr Cole has told us about the centre, we’re going downstairs to explore. Then our evening meal is at 5.40pm.

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  1. Hi Rebecca

    Pinch punch first of the month no return.

    Got you this month

    Miss you

    1. Hi Mama,Papa,Izzy,Jaz and Rosie i’m having a good time in Bude we are going canoeing today and we have done the team trial and got really soaked see you on Friday. Love you from Rebecca.

  2. Hope you all will enjoy the adventure. Love you Samanta and miss you so much 😊

    1. I really miss you mum! but i am having lots of fun! I really really love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hope you have a great first day tomorrow Yr 6. You all look very happy. Harri, your cousin in London says ‘Hi’ having just come back from a fantastic PGL week. Have fun. U

  4. Have an amazing week! We’ll keep checking to Blog for updates! Love you, Shanks! xxx

    1. Hi owen! I am missing you so much we have just swam in the pool it was freezing!I will tell you about it when i get back. LOVE YOU. from Emily.

  5. Glad you all arrived safe, food looks nice, and I’m sure you’re all going to have a fabulous time! Looking forward to seeing al the photos on the blog.

  6. Hi Rebecca . Hows the food . Don’t forget your sun block tomorrow. xxx Have fun . xx

  7. Fab news You all look Happy Enjoy Miss you already Rivers .. Just Watching England cricket

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