Visit to Harbour

Charity Voice visited Harbour in Bideford today to formally hand over the school’s collection of nine bags of items from our Harvest Service.

Elaine was kind enough to show the children around and explain who Harbour aims to help and how much it relies on donations like ours.

Elaine showed the children the kitchen and larder where all the food is stored before it’s cooked by the volunteers

Elaine explained that everyone who uses the service must have a special card. Harbour can have up to 14 people eating in each sitting.

Amazingly, in the last year, Harbour’s footfall was 4,200 – that’s a lot of hot lunches, take away sandwiches, company and advice!

Finally, Elaine took us to the store areas upstairs to show how Harbour also helps equip people who might not have a home to live in at all. Can you see the rack of warm clothes, boots and sleeping bags ready to be given out this winter?

A huge thank you to Elaine for giving up her time to show Charity Voice around and helping us understand the difference our donations are making to our local community.

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