The day we went on a sheep hunt……

Burscott class enjoyed beautiful weather to go on our ‘Bear Hunt’ but looking for sheep…..  (we even paused by the church to look at the wonderful bulbs growing around the village, that family group planted in the Autumn)

We crossed 2 fields (some parts muddier than others and a lost welly or two!), a stream, a stile and a lane before entering Kennerland Farm where we met by Sheila Cleve and her daughter Tessa.  They took us to the tunnel of sheep where some newborn lambs were with their mothers.  We learnt about the use of numbers on sheep and lambs and what the colours meant.  Why one lamb had a jacket and how lambs arrive at different times of the day and night. We even got to stroke a lamb (we used antiseptic spray so we learnt about hygiene as well)

This all links in with our project ‘What comes next’ and our science with life cycles.

A huge thank you to all the parents and helpers who accompanied us on our little adventure (Alfie’s dad, Genevieve’s dad, Harrison’s mum, Bea’s mum, Henry’s mum, Emily Rose’s mum, Mrs Furse and Mrs Nicholls)

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