Newsletter: 6th March 2020

Match Reports

We have two Match Reports to share with you – the first is from the High 5 Netball match at Bideford College (by Grace) two weeks ago; the second is from this week’s Football Match against Bradworthy (by Chester and Nelly):

High 5

High Five was really fun. We left at 10:55am and we went in cars (Lilly’s mum and Lizzie’s dad). When we played our first match, we didn’t really know who we were up against so didn’t do so well in our first half. In our second half we knew what we were doing and improved so much. In our second game we did really well and won! We also drew in our other match. We were so proud of ourselves and for our first match, coming third was pretty good!! We would love to do this again and we are hoping to go to another match. The High Five Team: Grace, Lizzie, Lilly, Nelly, Natalie, Daisy, Chloe and Chloe


On the 2nd of March we drew with Bradworthy 1-1 in the first match and 1-1 in the second match. It was a very well played game from both of the teams and we all enjoyed it alot. We had been training for about 3 weeks and we all put a lot of effort into both of the games!

The people that scored were: Reuben and Callum.

There were two teams we put together, the A-team and the B-team.The A-team was made up of : 

  • Chester                                                                 
  • Aiden  
  • Reuben 
  • Joesph 
  • Morgan 
  • Ethan 
  • Hunter 

The B-team was made up of :

  • Nelly 
  • James 
  • Lizzie  
  • Grace 
  • Callum  
  • Archie 
  •  Ashton 

Thank you to the players and to the people that cheered them on as well. We hope you enjoyed the game..

Dance Club and Ukuleles

There will be no dance club next week as Siobhan has other commitments; it’ll be back as usual on Tuesday 17th March. Also, as I will be in London on residential with the Year 5 children, there will be no Ukulele Club on Wednesday

London Residential

All families sending a child on the Y5 London Residential next week will have received a final details letter on Tuesday. Please make sure you are in school in plenty of time on Tuesday morning so we can be away from here at 7:45am, remembering a packed lunch in a disposible container for the journey up to London.

All posts for London will, as usual, be password protected for the duration of our visit as an extra security precaution but we are happy to circulate the password to any interested parties locally. Please call in to the office to ask for the password if you would like to view the posts. Please also remember to comment on the posts – the children love reading your reactions to their adventures!

I know some families will be concerned about us visiting the Capital in the middle of the global Covid-19 virus outbreak. We have taken the advice of our Tour Operator (who are briefed by the relevent Government departments) and will be taking a large supply of hand sanitizers for use throughout the trip, which is the NHS’s best advice on how to lower the risk. Please remember we don’t use public transport which, were a major outbreak to occur, would be a prime souce of infection. It’s also worth remembering that at the time of writing, there are more cases in the South West than there are in London at the moment.

Jennifer Gold Visit

We were delighted to host an internation children’s author, Jennifer Gold, at school yesterday as part of our World Book Day celebrations. (There are two Jennifer Gold authors… this one is the author of several award-winning children’s books!) Jennifer  shared her writing skills and experiences with all the classes, including talking about how to find inspriation for writing, how to constantly re-draft ideas and how the process of writing actually works.  She currently has two books for sale via the school. If your child enjoyed her visit and you would like a hard-back copy of one of her books, details are below:

Top Leaf £10
Yes, I knew the Queen £12.50
These books can be personally signed by the author.  Please collect an order form from Sue Kersey in Burscott class to arrange your copy.

Singing Festival Rehearsal

Next Friday, Ashmanworthy Class will be spending the majority of the day at Woolsery Village Hall practising with other local schools for their forthcoming Singing Festival.

Please remember your child will need a packed lunch on that day. If you would like a school packed lunch, you can order it online using the blue School Trips Only sandwich menu.

If your child has been on the London Residential as can therefore have late registration, please remember that you will need to bring them to the Hall if they’re arriving after about 9:40am as the class will already have left to walk down at that time.

Sport Relief Cross Country

On Monday, weather permitting, we will be holding our Cross Country event on the school field. We will be starting with Ashmansworthy Class at 1:30pm and then working through the rest of the school, finishing with a Parents and Child race at the end of the day. Please make sure your child has PE kit and outdoor shoes in school on Monday (the field is pretty muddy even before we will have started…).  This is a celebration event and no fundraising is attached to it on this occasion.

Viking Longboat

Stroxworthy Class have a magnificent scale model of a Viking Longship which has been built for the class by a gentleman called Keith in order for them to hold a traditional Longship Burning Ceremony. This will take place, weather permitting, on Tuesday afternoon. The ship is truly wonderful, and if you’ve not yet seen it, please drop into Stroxowrthy Class to take a look, or come along on Tuesday afternoon to see it before it’s set alight.

The burning will begin shortly after 1:30pm on Tuesday and the whole school will hopefully come out to watch. Cakes will also be on sale, so please send your child in with 50p if you’d like them to buy one.


We have several cases of headlice in school at the moment. Please could you check your child’s hair for lice or nits and treat accordingly. Please remember to treat the whole family if you find anything, and also put bed-time toys, pillows etc into the freezer for a couple of hours to kill any lice that may be lurking there. Hopefully, we can stop this becoming a more widespread problem – thank you.

Well done to our Wonderful Workers this week who have received a certificate in Assembly today:

  • Cranford: 
  • BurscottHarry – working incredibly hard with his reading; Georgia – writing excellent instructions using her first-hand knowledge
  • StroxworthyElouise – consistently working hard, listening, being kind and a good friend to others; Ravi – a wonderful letter thanking Keith for making the class’ Viking Longboat.
  • AlminstoneAlyssa – super poetry writing; Emily – Great progress in precision teaching this week.
  • AshmansworthyArchie – outstanding work dividing and multiplying fractions; Hunter – A fabulous wolf sculpture in clay

  • Monday – Miss Butler returns. Mrs Kersey out all day; Mrs Newman supply in Burscott Class. No Eco Club after school. PM- Family Group Cross Country for Sport Relief: please remember PE kits! Parents als welcome – please see article in last week’s Newsletter.
  • Tuesday – Year 5 depart for London 7:45am (In school 7:20 – 7:30am please). Whole Staff/Governors Safeguarding Update after school – staff will not be available to meet after the end of the school day. No Dance Club
  • Wednesday– No Ukulele Club
  • Thursday – Year 6 Football at Bideford College 10:30 – 2pm. London Residential returns 11pm approx.
  • Friday – Mrs Farmer at meetings all day. Late registration for Year 5 only, up to 10:30am. Ashmansworthy at Village Hall most of the day; Alminstone & Ashmansworthy Classes Spaghetti Challenge Afternoon (…after singing for Ash’worthy)

Please note that due to the London Residential and Singing Festival Rehearsal next week, there will be no newsletter on Friday. Back to normal on Friday 20th March.


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