Newsletter: 20th March 2020

Stay Safe!

So, from here on in, none of us really know what we’re facing. There have been many tears today as we prepare to close the school for an unknown period. Although we don’t know how long closure will be, I think realistically we’re talking months not weeks.

It’s a surreal feeling that we might not have our wonderful Year 6s in school again, depending on when reopening takes place and I want particularly to say to them how proud we are of you all and how well you have worked to prepare for your SATS tests that will now not happen. Whilst we very much hope to see you later in the summer, if that’s not to be, we hope you will have the opportunity at some point to come back and say good-bye properly.

Please keep in touch with the school throughout the closure period. You can do this by email with your child’s teacher (addresses below) or by any other means you can access. Staff will continue to provide education for your children through Google Classroom, which I hope everyone has now accessed successfully. They will be marking work and giving feedback to your child. Because we are due to be closed for such a long time, it’s very, very important your child accesses this learning and doesn’t slip behind whilst we’re away from school.

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  • Mrs Oyarzabal:
  • Mrs Kersey:
  • Mr Davies:
  • Mrs Dobson:
  • Miss Butler:
  • Mr Cole:

Emergency Provision

From Monday we will open our emergency provision, which will be based in Ashmansworthy Class and Sunflowers Preschool building. To access this, you must be on the Key Worker list, have a child with an EHCP or in another vulnerable category. You must also book sessions at least 24 hours in advance using our online form which can be found HERE

Please note that, in line with Government advice, you should ONLY use this provision if you have no other option. As the virus spreads, we will all need to practise social distancing and that clearly isn’t going to be possible in our emergency provision. It is therefore imperative that we keep uptake of places to a minimum, both to protect you and your family, and also our staff who will be running the provision.

We will not be running provision on Good Friday or Easter Monday, nor at weekends. Provision will open at 8:30am and will finish at 4pm. Please deliver and collect your child to the door, please don’t let them just drift in on their own. Thanks.


It is my intention to carry on publishing a weekly Newsletter on Fridays throughout the closure period. I am very mindful that the time we are facing could be very isolating for our families and the Newsletter will be a great way of keeping in touch across the wider school rather than just in classes. This depends on you, though. If your child does something as part of your Remote Learning that they are particularly proud of, please take a photo and email it to me – I can then include it in the Newsletter. I am also asking teachers to continue to nominate Remote Learners for a Virtual Headteacher Award each week, so please keep an eye out for those as well!

Forgotten Items

If you get home tonight and realise that you’ve forgotten something important, please don’t worry. School will continue to be staffed throughout next week and you are welcoem to drop in to pick things up. However, you will not be allowed past the Reception foyer, so please make sure you are able to describe the item you need and where it might be!

Important Updates

All updates for you whilst we’re closed will be posted on our Newsletters page of our school website. We are hoping that the present glitch with the address will be solved in the next two working days, but in the meantime, you need to visit as has been the case for the last two weeks.


Goodbye. Good luck, and please stay safe. We very much looking forward to seeing our school filled with children once again when this awful period is over.

With very best wishes

Matt Cole





4 responses on Newsletter: 20th March 2020

  1. i am really sad that the school has been shut for a while but i all so feel that the online work is working really well … i sure we will be back in school soon and back doing lessons i hope ……

  2. Thank you for this update, Matt and thank you for continuing to provide a weekly news letter – I’m sure this will be of great interest and comfort to all.
    I’m so utterly impressed with the spirit being shown across the village and especially the school.
    Despite a rapidly developing situation there’s a definite sense of stoic optimism and I’m sure we’ll get through this period with dignity and resilience.
    Wishing health and positivity to all.
    Best wishes,

  3. Thank you so much for all that you are doing xc my children are missing school already xc we hope to see you all soon xc please take care of yourselves and stay safe xc

  4. Thank you everyone for your hard work and good luck to you all.
    I also want to thank Mr Cole and Mrs Farmer for taking the year 5 to London Alf had an amazing time . Take care everyone all the best The Fishers

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