Newsletter: 15th May 2020

Re-opening Information

Following the Prime Minister’s statement on Sunday evening and subsequent documents published by the government since that time, we are now in a position to begin planning for a partial re-opening from 1st June. There are many issues to resolve before this can take place, and I can’t emphasise enough that at the moment the details below are only plans. I am a very long way from being able to tell you that reopening will definitely occur.

However, it would be enormously helpful if you could take some time to respond to an online survey which will help me gauge the likely/possible uptake of places in the designated year groups if re-opening takes place. I really need everyone with children in Preschool, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 to respond to the survey what ever your views on sending your child back to us. Please read the information below and then take a moment to answer just a few questions for me. Thank you.

Initially, reopening will only be for children in Preschool, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. We will have to limit the number of preschool places available each day and our admin team will be in contact with parents of Preschool children in the coming weeks to take bookings for sessions. All other groupings in the school will be limited to 15 children – and each group will operate as a closed unit, or “bubble” during school hours – so there will be no mixing between these groups at all.

  • Preschool children will be based in Sunflowers Classroom with Mrs Phillips and Mrs Monk
  • Reception children will be based in Cranford Classroom with Mrs Oyarzabal, MrsHarding and Mrs Eavis.
  • Year 1 children will be split between Mrs Kersey in Burscott Classroom and Mrs Farmer in our new, temporary classroom in the area once occupied by our library.
  • Year 6 children will be split between Miss Butler in Alminstone Classroom and Mr Davies/Mrs Dobson in Stroxworthy Classroom
  • Kennerland Club will continue to run from Ashmansworthy Classroom with Mrs Newell, Mrs Appleton and Mrs Nicholls
  • Staff who are unable to be in school due to shielding will continue to play an important role in the running of the school by focusing on children who are still also working from home.

As all teaching staff will be needed in order for the school to comply with Government guidance on re-opening, there will be two important changes in the coming weeks which you should all be aware of: Firstly, Kennerland Club will now NOT run during the half term week, and Secondly, following Half Term there will be a large scaling-back of Remote Learning as teachers will obviously be working full time in school. Whilst tasks will still be set and communication will be maintained by staff working from home, there will be much less marking and setting of detailed tasks, shifting instead to online resources and activities such as BBC Bitesize etc.

Site operation

On re-opening, we will be drastically changing how people access our site. Reception and Year 1 children will enter the site from the lower playground gate, whilst Year 6 and Preschool children will enter the site from the Old Market Drive entrance. We will be asking Year 6 children to come to school without an adult to reduce the number of people here, and in any case parents will not be able to enter the school building. Drop off will be at 8:55am and no-one (other than Kennerland Club children) will be admitted through either gate until that time. We will be encouraging children to arrive at any time between 8:55 and 9:20 in order to stagger dropping off.

The outside areas around school are marked with 2 metre distancing guides and all users on the site will be expected to respect those.

Lunches will be taken in the children’s classroom areas, we will not be using the hall for eating.

Play areas will be split, with Year 6 using the car park for a playground, and Year 1 using the normal playground. Reception and Preschool will use their own outside areas. If the field is able to be used, groups will not be allowed to mix and the play park will be once again taken out of use.

In classrooms,  we will be following government advice by spacing children as far apart as possible, so for example in Year 1, a table which might normally hold six children will only hold a maximum of 3. In Year 6, each child will have their own table and will be 2 metres from their neighbour.

As was the case in the weeks before we closed, we will have hourly cleaning of hard surfaces, door handles, etc and will be using alcohol based hand gel to sanitise hands regularly. We will enforce good respiratory hygeine (for example having lots of tissues in supply and using bins in classrooms with closing lids)

There will be no direct contact with the office. We will encourage all parents to phone or email wherever possible. If not, an appointment must be made, you  will not just be able to turn up.

There are, as you can image, thousands of other details that I could share with you but this is probably enough information for you to make a decision about your child’s school attendance. Whilst I reiterate this is only a “plan” at the moment and everything is still very much up in the air, your views through the following survey would be hugely useful in helping the school be ready for 1st June. Please ensure only one parent completes a return for each child, for those living in split households.

Survey Link:

Many thanks for your anticipated help in completing the survey. I will be in touch early next week with an update on how we are progressing.

With best wishes


Matt Cole, Headteacher

Home Corner and Headteacher Awards will be back next week, but at the moment I need the entire focus of this week’s Newsletter to be on our re-opening plans. thank you to everyone who has sent material in – I will include it in next weeks Newsletter.



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