Newsletter: 22nd May 2020

This post is now out of date, following the release of new guidance by the Government on Sunday 24th May. New guidance will be issued as soon as possible. (We will still be open – just a shift in arrangements)

Ready to Reopen

By the end of today, school will be ready to reopen to wider year groups from 1st June. This is still subject to a Government announcement on 28th May, but should we get the go-ahead to resume something near normal school for YN, YR, Y1 and Y6 I am pleased to say we will be ready.

Please remember the key information for parents which was published on Monday and can be found here:

We know the first few days will be an anxious time for children, parents and staff as we all get used to a very new way of working but we also know that children are fabulously resilient and adjusting to another “new normal” will not take too long.

If you are intending to send your child in on 1st June and haven’t already let us know it is very important that you do so in order that we can be fully prepared. You can do this via the online form or by emailing me at .

Several parents have asked if they have to make a decision now which will be binding for the rest of this term. the answer is no, you don’t. If you choose later to return your child to school you can do so, but please give us as much notice as possible in case your child’s attendance pushes one of our bubbles over the 15-child limit.

We are not able to accept part-time attendance other than for preschool children. This is because the DfE’s position is that all children in Years R, Y1 and Y6 who can return should do so – so if a child can attend on a Monday and Tuesday, there is no medical reason why they can’t attend for a full week.

Please remember that for children returning in the Kennerland bubble and Year 6 bubble, school lunches will be chargeable from 1st June at £2.25 per meal, and all meals for all year groups must be booked in advance via the Tucasi (ScoPay) system. If you are struggling with accessing this, please contact Sue Miles or Tina Bryant directly on their dedicated school mobiles which can be found on our Contacts Page.

Too help ease the younger children back in to school, I have put together two very short videos so your child can see what school is like ahead of their return. There videos can be found here:

Cranford Class

Burscott Class

(Sunflowers video following soon….)

Lunch Menu

Main Option Vegetarian Option Dessert
Monday Pasta Bolognese and Garlic Bread Cheesy Pasta Bake Ice Cream
Tuesday Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes and Vegetables Spiced Lentil & Bean Patties Flapjack
Wednesday Sausage and Mash Vegetarian Sausage and Mash Cheese and Biscuits
Thursday Ham & Tomato Pizza and Garlic Bread Cheese & Tomato Pizza and Garlic Bread Jelly
Friday Fish Fingers, Chips and Peas Vegetable Frittate, Chips and Peas Fruit Salad

We’ve more photos to share this week for Home Corner. Please remember, we’ll still be featuring photos in this way once the partial re-opening takes place, so keep sending them in. Thanks.

Well done to everyone who has gained a Headteacher Award this week…

  • Cranford: Logan I – working so hard on all your challenges; Mollie-Jo – reading the book Fat Frog everyday.
  • Burscott: Ella – classification of animal groups and using Fudge, her cat, to help her; Tegan – experiencing a technology problem, however she demonstrated perseverance and completed everything; Aaron and Jamie – making their rooms into a police station for their Art & Design activity. It was very detailed with lots of features you might find useful in a police station
  • Stroxworthy: Bluebelle, Bailey and Harley – consistently working so hard every week on all the activities. Well done. We are very proud of your efforts!
  • Alminstone: Isla – great working out in division work; Imogen – great Henry VIII Information Poster (as always, well done everyone, I love looking at all your hard work!)
  • Ashmansworthy: Morgan -writing a powerful explanation of how the Titanic sank, which included effective technical language and even an animation embedded in the text!; Chloe N – a dramatic account of how the Titanic sank and for a consistent good effort with all her remote learning.

Half Term

Next week is Half Term so there will be no Remote Learning set, nor will there be a Newsletter on Friday. I will, however, update everyone next weekend in case we need to make further changes ahead of reopening.

We will see our returnees on Monday 1st June (hopefully!!) and will of course keep in strong contact with everyone else as we have done over the last nine weeks. Thank you for your continued support.

Matt Cole, Headteacher

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