Newsletter: 10th July 2020

Leavers’ Assembly

This year, everyone is invited to our Leavers’ Assembly! Our Year 6’s, both at home and at school, have put together video clips to share with you and we will be showing their full presentation next Friday at 10:20am.

Please could I ask that you join the Zoom meeting a bit before 10:20 and wait in the Waiting Room until we’re ready to begin.

We’re using Zoom instead of Google Meet because Zoom allows us better control of the video footage the children have put together. To access the meeting, you can either click on the link below or open your existing Zoom account and enter the meeting code and password when prompted:

Woolsery Primary School is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Leavers’ Assembly
Time: Jul 17, 2020 10:20 AM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 964 3025 7653
Password: 1FeLsY

Bude Residential

Staying with Year 6 for a moment, this is a message for parents who are waiting for a refund on the Bude Residential. We are now in a position to refund money you paid toward the cost of the visit except the deposit which is being treated separately by our DCC insurers and legal team. Therefore, if you have paid money above the original deposit amount, please could you email Sue Miles ( with the following information for the account you wish the money to be refunded to:

  • child’s name
  • sort code
  • account number
  • account name

If our insurers decide the deposit element should also be refunded (and we believe it should be), it is obviously going to be September at the earliest before repayment is possible. Unless we hear differently from you, we will keep your details on file and refund that element to the same account if we are instructed to do so.

Y6 Leavers’ Books

Year 6 children who aren’t currently attending can now drop by the school gate to collect their exercise books and also their Leavers’ Book. Please come to the Old Market Drive entrance and ring the gate bell and someone will come up to you with your bag. Please try to avoid dropping off and pick up times if possible. Thank you.

Other Leavers

We have some children leaving the school next week from other year groups. We will do our very best to get your child’s things together ready for collection by the end of next week but this may not be possible as the school has been re-arranged for Bubbles to such an extent that it may take a while to locate all of their books! Please phone the school mid-week next week and Tina or Sue will be able to tell you if their pack is ready to be collected or if you will have to collect it on Monday 20th when staff will be in putting the schoool back together ready for something like “normal” school in the Autumn. Alternatively you can wait until we re-open in September and pick any items up then.

Last Week of Term Lunches

Please remember that next week, Dave will be varying the menu. On Monday 13th July, he will be serving sausage meatballs with pasta and tomato sauce in place of pasta bolognaise. On Tuesday 14th July, he will be serving Minced Beef and Vegetable Pie with new potatoes and vegetables in place of roast chicken. Please bear this in mind when you are ordering your child’s meals for that week.

The Menu for September has now been finalised. This will be a smaller menu than we would normally offer because we need to adjust things to make the lunch break run as smoothly as possible. It will be published here on the Website during the holidays and, as is presently the case, all ordering for meals will have to take place via ScoPay. We will not be accepting any paper forms through the school office. Therefore, if you aren’t familiar with ScoPay or have lost your log in details, please ask Sue or Tina for help before the end of next week so you are all set up for September.

Thank you

Before the term ends, I am sure you will wish to join me in thanking all of the school staff who have truly gone above and beyond since mid-March to keep things running as smoothly as possible for your children. We have all had to grapple with new technology and teachers have worked relentlessly to keep interest and learning going through great interaction via Classroom and Meet. Teaching Assistants have also played an invaluable role in supporting children with emotional ups and downs as well as helping teachers deliver an online curriculum. However, I would also like to particularly thank our mealtime assistants, cleaning and catering staff and office staff who have also been instrumental in the smooth running of the school. Since lockdown, all of these staff have worked very different hours than would normally be the case and have adjusted their work pattern without hesitation. Without the whole staff team being very flexible and incredibly understanding we would not have been able to re-open on the scale that’s been possible.

Thank you also to you, our parents, for such a positive response form our Child Wellbeing Survey which we carried out a couple of weeks ago. We have a great response from all year groups across the school and we are absolutely delighted with what you have told us about how the school has met your child’s needs since March. We know this has been a very tough time for you and your children and are truly thankful to have such a supportive and commited parent community to work with:

We are really pleased that over 70% of parents think remote learning has benefitted their child.

An incredible 75% of parents thought the assignments offered have been appropriate, with just one parent disagreeing.

…and over 80% thought that teachers got the quantity of work about right:

We’re especially pleased that parents of children who have returned to school noticed a big improvement in their emotional wellbeing:

Trainee Teacher

Today, Mrs Helen Morrison visited Burscott Bubble in preparation for her year-long placement with Mrs Kersey and Burscott Class next year. Mrs Morrison is looking forward to working with the new Burscott children on her journey to becoming a fully qualified teacher over the course of the next academic year.

Next week’s Newsletter

This is the last “proper” Newsletter of the year as next Friday’s will be wholly dedicated to giving you important information about arrangements for next term… we’re hoping the Risk Assessments and supporting documents will be sent down from the County Council later today and will then be able to finalise our plans to ensure they are compliant.


Right at the beginning of Lockdown, I shared with you photos of Chester, Ravi and their brothers who were setting up a long-term project in their garden to provide fresh produce for their neighbours. At the time, we really hoped everyone would be back in school and normal life before the crops had a chance to be harvested, but alas that wasn’t to be. But the great news is that the boys’ project has now -literally- come to fruition! Well done, boys, not only did you have some great learning in this project, but also performed wonderful service to your community and we’re very proud of you!

Well done to this year’s final group of children to receive Headteacher Awards this week:

  • Cranford: Bella – amazing skills in our Bubble PE Festival this week; Mia – great maths work with multiplication and division
  • Burscott: Ella-Mai – an amazing piece of descriptive writing using George’s Marvellous Medicine; Alfie – a good pirate flag
  • Stroxworthy: Allan and Nate for great teamwork on the pyramid challenge
  • Alminstone: Alfie – good effort with his rugby presentation; Connor – making valuable contributions to class discussions
  • Ashmansworthy: Jasmine and Chester for consistently giving 100% in all their remote learning and producing work of a high quality every week. Well done

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