Brilliant Bugs

Sunflowers were fascinated to explore our sensory, bug tuff tray.

They were able to comment and ask questions about the different types of bugs they found.

Sammy the Snail 🐌, from Mrs Walter’s garden, visited Sunflowers. The children showed a lot of care by not touching Sammy and frightening him back into his shell. Using magnifying glasses, Sunflowers watched Sammy 🐌 move his upper and lower tentacles. We were intrigued to learn that Sammy’s eyes were at the end of his upper tentacles. Sammy snail enjoyed exploring the tuff tray too!

Sunflowers enjoyed listening to the story “The Crunching Munching Caterpillar” and looking at the lovely illustrations in this book.

In the classroom we have some little caterpillars. Like the caterpillars in the book, they are crunching and munching and getting bigger and bigger.

What will happen to the caterpillars? We will have to watch and wait ……..…… 🦋

Sunflowers enjoyed creating their own milk bottle top caterpillars.

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