Day 1… Hello, London!

We have arrived! We had a great journey up and got to see some sights before checking into the hotel.

After unpacking we went over to Hard Rock Cafe. They were very excited to see us as we were their first group booking since March 2020! The food was delicious and we loved looking at the rock memorabilia.

After our meal we walked over to look at the Australian war memorial which has disappearing names! We also looked at the Bomber Command memorial with its amazing bronze statues, and the Wellington Arch which celebrates the Duke of Wellington.

Then we went into Green Park where we met a herd of elephants. Yes, elephants! How amazing!

As if that wasn’t enough, we went to see if the Queen was at home (she wasn’t) and had a walk in St James’s Park.

…and now we’re off to bed. To sleep. Maybe…

18 responses on Day 1… Hello, London!

  1. Wow, what an amazing day. I just loved the elephants – a proper herd of them. Looking forward to seeing more photos – Mrs Miles

  2. Wow guys. We are so jealous! The bedrooms look amazing. And elephants! Glad you’re all having a good time. Love from Ashmansworthy Class.

  3. Wow! Looks like you all had a great day yesterday!! Look forward to seeing what you get up to today!! X

  4. Amazing pics! So much done in a day …. Wishing you a wonderful adventure today! X X

    1. Lovely pictures!
      Good to see having fun. Ben is fine.
      Have a super day Jose!

  5. Wow what an amazing 1st day, hope you all sleep well, good night Hope love mum, dad, faith, Abbie, Lilly, Oliver and Autumn xx

  6. Looks amazing. What a wonderful experience. Sleep well Alyssa. Lotsa luv Nanny n Grandad xxxxx

  7. Wow! What an amazing time you’re all having already. Such fantastic pictures!
    I hope you all sleep well and have a brilliant day tomorrow.
    We can’t wait to see more pics and hear all about your adventures tomorrow!
    Sleep well. 🙂
    We love you lots, Mimi! Xx

  8. All in the first night – amazing!!!
    Everyone looks very happy and excited but I’m sure they’ll all sleep well!
    Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s adventures!
    We love you so much, Imogen – have an amazing time!xxx

    1. Good Morning and judging by all the smiley faces everyone is enjoying themselves.
      Hope it stays dry for you all today and you all have fun.

  9. Looks like you’ve had an amazing first day. Hope you all sleep well ready for an big adventure tomorrow. Have fun and enjoy making memories! Love Mummy, Daddy and Ethan. PS the football is still on 1:1.

  10. Ahhh guys! What a fantastic day!! Sleep well to you all tomorrow is a brand new day 🥰

    1. Elephants! How cool. You all look so happy and those beds look comfy- I hope you made good use of them😉
      Looking forward to seeing what you get up to next.
      Mrs Farmer

  11. Wow! You have had a busy day! Sleep well, Alyssa. Love you, Mum, Dad and Pepsi xxxx

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