We’ve had a great day at Legoland Windsor today. Now back on the coach on the way to Gordano for our meal.

(Photos are taking a while to upload on 4G… they’ll appear in due course)

In the queue for the flume

We’ll update parents by SMS from when we leave the service station.

4 responses on Legoland!

  1. Hello Maisy. I hope you’ve had a good time in Legoland. You look so tall infront of Big Ben. See you later. From Ethan.

  2. What a fabulous time – so many happy faces!
    I think these will be life-long memories and can’t wait to hear the stories.
    So great to see them out in the world but can’t wait to have her back!:)x

  3. It looks like you’ve all had another great day!
    What an amazing residential!
    We can’t wait to see you, Mimi, and huge thanks to the adults for making this happen. 🙂
    Have a safe journey back. x

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