Pixies Holt… Slighter Damp Day 2

Here are the photos from today’s Hound Tor weaseling activity…

…and afterwards: Hot Chocolate, Games and Mealtime:

4 responses on Pixies Holt… Slighter Damp Day 2

  1. Thank you all so much for taking them. Tegan said she has had the best time ( even the hiking in hale storm) . I’m sure you will sleep as well as the children tonight! 😊

  2. Fab photos, thank you so much for sharing them! Have a great last day and we will see you later on Georgia 😀💕Love Mum Dad and Ida xxx

  3. Looks so lovely! We miss you, Genevieve. So excited to hear all of your stories!
    Hunter says poopy potatoes!

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