Newsletter: 12th November 2021

Peter Pan: Booking Open!

We are really pleased to be opening the booking form for tickets for Peter Pan, which is being staged by the school on 8th and 9th December 2021 at Woolsery Village Hall.

For those of you who haven’t experienced our Productions before, we have two performances on the Wednesday (1:45pm and 6:30pm) and one on the Thursday (6:30pm). Each performance can seat 150 people so we first allocate up to TWO tickets per family and then go back over ticket requests to allocate further numbers as needed. Seats are not numbered and cannot be reserved (other than for wheelchair users. We don’t charge you for watching your own children perform! However, there will of course be donation buckets in the hall and all proceeds go towards the substantial Production costs, with any additional money going to FOWS.

You can request tickets via this link:

School Photos

Please could you make sure any remaining paper orders for Tempest Photos are sent to the school office by Tuesday after which time we will send the ones received off for processing. This does not affect online orders which are processed without involving the school. Thanks.

Sporting Heroes!

Well done to everyone who has taken part in sporting events this week… and there have been many! Monday’s football against Hartland was great, and Woolsery won one and drew the other. Tuesday’s match was also great, but sadly the score didn’t reflect the great team effort by our players – but well done anyway!

On Wednesday Alminstone and Ashmansworthy Classes had a great morning of sports with our Village Schools Partnership friends here at Woolsery and afterwards hosted them for lunchtime as well.

And finally, well done to the 12 Y6 children who were selected to attend the Torridge Schools Indoor Athletics at Kingsley School.

Squid Game

We are becoming increasingly disturbed by the number of children at the school who have some awareness of the Squid Game which is based on the Netflix series of the same name. The game has a rating of 15 but school safeguarding communities regard that rating as too low, given the very graphic depiction of gore, death, violence, suicide, physical and sexual assault. This game is not appropriate for primary aged children and we urge you in the strongest possible terms to remove the game from your child’s device. Promotional images of the game (and TV series) are very child-like and designed to appeal to younger audiences; it is only later that the true content of games, and “punishment” for failing them become apparent. We will be monitoring this situation closely and will be seeking advice from safeguarding agencies for children who we believe are playing the game at home. Thanks for your support in removing this horrible phenomenon from our children’s awareness. More information on the game is here:

Safeguarding Update: Squid Game

Becky’s Christmas Toy Bank

Mrs Nicholls is undertaking a huge fundraising effort for Becky’s Christmas Toy Bank to raise fund to buy toys which can be given out to families in need before Christmas this year. If you have any good quality toys which Carole could sell at weekend Car Boots, and in turn raise money to buy new toys for the appeal, please send them in to Alminstone Class next week. Thanks.

BBC Children In Need

Next Friday is Pudsey Day for BBC Children In Need. Charity Voice have planned several activities:

  • Wear Spots To School Day (50p) – dress up in anything spotty, wear spotty face paint… it’s up to you!
  • Decorate Biscuits (50p) – in place of Tasty Tuck, children will be able to decorate biscuits with icing and sprinkles at morning breaktime
  • Bandana Design Competition (free) – All childrne are invited to design a bandana for Pudsey using the photocopied sheet available in all classes. These will be judged on Friday for a small prize (Sunflowers/Cranford, Burscott/Stroxworthy, Alminstone/Ashmansworthy). Please make sure any completed designs arein school on Friday morning and have your child’s name and class on the back. Thanks

FOWS Annual General Meeting

Please remember the FOWS AGM is next Thursday at Woolsery Social Club. Everyone is very welcome, whether you’d like to go onto the committee or not. Please support this essential fundraising and social part of our school community!


Well done to everyone who received their Headteacher’s Award in assembly today…

Sunflowers: Lucas (dolphin) – trying new activities; Antonia (dolphin) – talking about spiders and what they eat

Cranford Class: Bea (bee) – being a great friend and etting other play your game; Elowen (dolphin) – making her name rocket all on her own

Burscott Class: Mason (owl) – making great writing progress this week; Seren (owl) – challneging herself in her maths work this week

Stroxworthy Class: Seren (tortoise) – being resilient by continually improving her handwriting; Lyla (bee) – working together when creating synchronised shapes and movement in groups during PE

Alminstone Class: Lola (spider) – making links and being kind, caring and thoughtful by buying a cake and delivering it to a friend who was not at the cake sale; Ella-Mai (dolphin) -diving into her learning in all subjects and always giving her best. 

Ashmansworthy Class: Farley (bee) – working together and supporting his team-mates during all of his sporting activities this week; Santino (tortoise) – being resilient trying out new skills at the Sports Festival


Monday: Mr Cole at Parkham/Buckland Brewer AM

Tuesday: Governor visits (am); Full Governors’ Meeting 6:30pm

Wednesday: ACCT Staff Meeting after school at St Margaret’s

Thursday: Mr Cole & Mrs Kersey meeting with primary adviser (AM). FOWS AGM 8pm, Woolsery Social Club

Friday: Children In Need Pudsey Day – Wear Sports to School!

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