Newsletter: 7th January 2022

Happy New Year, Everyone!

It’s quite a thought that one year ago we were just beginning what would become another horrible period of lockdown and restricted school attendance – so we’re even more delighted than usual to be welcoming everyone back to the school after the Christmas holiday. I hope you have a lovely break with some quality family time. We know there are lots of cases of Covid circulating in our community: thank you for being so careful and so proactive in dealing with suspected positive infections. Hopefully by continuing to be very careful and testing frequently, we can ride this wave without too many issues. We’re aware that government requirements are changing daily at the moment and education will take a little while to catch up, so please bear with us while we work out what the new LFD/PCR regulations mean for us when they come into force after the weekend.

Roads, Access and Parking

Thank you also for being so good with the current road restictions around the school. Hopefully the works will be concluded early next week and we’ll be able to get back to normal drop off and pick up routines. However, in the meantime, please could you be aware of the following:

  • If your child is walking from the Post Office area of the village, please insist that they walk along the new pathway on the edge of the Manor. Drivers are busy looking at the temporary road layout and may not notice a small child walking along the roadway to get to school and we’re aware of a couple of very near misses this week.
  • If your child is walking up the hill from the Garage to school, please remind them that the junction on School Corner is even more dangerous than usual because cars going across from the Post Office towards Venn are not having to slow down much to give way to downhill traffic from Copper Hill. They must look carefully in all four directions before crossing at the bottom of the playground.
  • It is even more important than usual that you don’t park on our yellow Zig-Zag lines on the approach to the school. By parking there or dropping off there you are putting other children in danger and this is not acceptable. The yellow zig zags are no stopping zones except for school transport and you must not drop your child off on them for any reason. Please park further away from school if there isn’t a space on Old Market Drive and walk in.

Village Schools Partnership

Our close working relationship with Parkham Primary and Buckland Brewer Primary is developing well. The statutory consultation period on forming a permanent Federation begins later this month and everyone will receive a letter about the process nearer the time. This will be sent out by email and by a hard-copy in book bags on 24th January which will be the start of the Consultation.

In the meantime, there are a couple of Village Schools Partnership events coming up: On Thursday 27th January all three School Councils (in Woolsery, our School Voice groups) will be meeting together here in Woolsery to think more about a potential logo for the Partnership as well as starting some joint environmental projects. This will be an exciting opportunity for the children to get to work across the three schools and forms an important step in giving the members of all three schools some new opportunities. On Wednesday 19th January and Thursday 20th January, our school will (in two groups) be travelling to the village halls in Parkham and Buckland Brewer to watch a travelling theatre production of Jack and the Beanstalk alongside the children from the Flying Start schools. Thanks to support from FOWS, we are able to offer this visit free of charge. Children will be departing school towards the end of lunchtime and returning to school in time for the end of the school day.

Cranford, Burscott and Stroxworthy Classes will watch Jack and the Beanstalk at The Allardice Hall, Parkham on Wednesday 19th January.

Alminstone and Ashmansworthy Classes will watch Jack and the Beanstalk at Buckland Brewer Village Hall on Thursday 20th January

Children who normally travel home by school transport will need to come back to Woolsery with me in my car in order to get the bus/taxi in time. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this.

School Lunches

Just a reminder that school lunches need to be booked in advance for any chidlren wishing to have a school provided meal. you can order or ammend your requirements up to midnight on the preceding day. We are not able to accept phone orders or email orders for lunches other than in exceptional circumstances.


After several years’ absence (and not just because of Covid…) we’re delighted that swimming is once again being provided as part of our PE curriculum. Ashmansworthy Class will be swimming on Fridays, leaving school during morning break and returning to school just in time for lunch.

  • Please remember, your child will need to change for swimming at school before we leave (and wear their school clothes over the top)
  • Children will be able to change back into school clothes in the changing rooms at the pool even though the pool are advertising that changing facilities are unavailable
  • School will provide swimming hats so please do not buy your own

…and Tasty Tuck

However, because Ashmansworthy Class will be away from school on Friday breaktimes from next week, we are having to move our Tasty Tuck day from Fridays to Thursdays. This is because with one exception, all of the children who run Tasty Tuck are in that class! So from next week, please remember to send your child with a 50p on Thursdays if they want to buy a snack.

Alongside Tasty Tuck, Enterprise Voice will also be running a Grand Scooby Doo Raffle alongside tasty tuck. Tickets will be 50p each and the enormous Scooby (kindly donated to school by one of our families) will given to the winning ticket holder at the end of this half term. Tickets will be availabel to buy until 10th February.

After School Clubs

Clubs will begin in Week Commencing 17th January (not next week!) the form for booking places can be found here:

On offer this term are:

Coding Club Mrs Farmer Mondays Y4, Y5, Y6
Football Mr Davies Tuesdays Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6
Dance Siobhan Brennan Tuesdays all
Comic Strip Art Rachel Coles Thursdays Y2, Y3, Y4
Choir Mrs Morrison, Mr Cole Fridays Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6

Christmas Jumper Collection

Own in Y6 has had the amazing idea of collecting in any Christmas Jumpers that are now too small. We will put them away safely until next October when next year’s School Voice will hold a Christmas Jumper sale to give you the opportunity to get a fresh jumper for your child for the coming festive season. Please make sure your jumper is washed before you send it in! We’ll be accepting them all next week. Thank you.

We’ve made a good start in the collecting of Family Group Points already this week, with Silver Birch family group taking an early lead with 78 Points. This half term, the winning Family Group will be making bread rolls as their reward.

Well done to everyone who has received the first Headteacher Awards of the year…

Sunflowers: Lola (Bee) – Being independent and helpful with new friends on her first week of Preschool; Phoebe (Dolphin) – Writing her name completely independently for the first time at Preschool

Cranford Class: Freddie (Bee) – being a great friend and working hard with them in maths; Ronnie (Dolphin) – working hard in phonics this week

Burscott Class: Rudi (Bee) – Settling to his new class brilliantly and working so well with his partner in maths to work out division calculations; Evie (Bee) – Working together with her partner in maths working out division calculations

Stroxworthy Class: Jack (Tortoise) – being resilient in PE when attempting some challenging routines; Jacob (Dolphin) – diving into his learning when comparing and grouping materials into solids or liquids

Alminstone Class: Sophie (Tortoise) – building on her understanding in multiplication and division and persevering to working through problems; Jackie (Spider) – showing good thinking in his maths work, building on what he learned in previous days to help him solve the problems. A good start to the year.

Ashmansworthy Class: Imogen (Tortoise) – perseverance with her fractions calculations this week; Emily (Dolphin) – diving into her learning in maths this week

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