Scarf 21st January 2022. To share or not to share?

To share or not to share?

This week in Ashmansworthy class we have been debating different scenarios and whether or not it’s appropriate to share or not to share vidoe/images e.g. indecent images of people. We then discussed the consequences and how to make the scenarios safer.

The children all worked together in small groups really well and put their views to the rest of the class.

The scenarios we looked at were filming a friend singing and then posting it to Instagram, a boy playing minecraft and got chatting to another boy who wanted to video chat him, a friend who was stuck on a game and he wanted his friend to video himself doing the part, so he could see how to do it and a girl got a request on Snapchat from a boy she liked. He asked her to send him a picture of herself in a bikini.

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