Newsletter: 28th January 2022

Village Schools Partnership

Parent meetings about the proposed federation of  Woolsery with Parkham and Buckland Brewer schools into the Village Schools Partnership take place next week. You can attend any of the meetings; you are not restricted to only attending the one for Woolsery. The dates are:

  • Woolsery: Monday 6pm in the school hall
  • Parkham: Tuesday 6pm in the school hall
  • Buckland Brewer: Wednesday 6pm in the school hall

Several parents have asked how long the meeting will last. The answer really is that it depends on how many questions are asked, but we don’t envisage any of the meetings running over an hour.

The meetings will also be available via Zoom using the following link (same link for all meetings):

Meeting ID: 843 0123 1163
Passcode: 5yqqi4

Please remember you can also fill out the short feedback form here:

It is very important we collect your views about this proposed change to the school, whether positive or negative so thank you for your time in attending the meetings and completing a response.

Covid Update

Thankfully, new cases have almost stopped and we’ve had no school-originated infections for almost a week now: this is solely because of the work you’re putting in on daily testing to identify infections before your children come to schoool and unwittingly spread Covid around. Thank you! We really appreciate your support and the difference it’s making to keeping the school running smoothly. If cases don’t increase over the weekend, we will resume inter-class mixing from Monday, meaning we’ll re-start Assemblies, Family Group meetings, School Voice meetings and normal lunchtime arrangements. We will also no longer require parents to wear masks outside at school, but continue to ask all adults to wear face coverings in communal areas inside the school.

We will, of course, keep this under review in case new cases start to emerge again. For the time being, we also request that you continue with daily LFD tests as this is proved so successful in supressing the current outbreak.

Ashmansworthy Swimming

All children in Ashmansworthy Class are swimming at Torridge Pool each Friday morning. Although the cost of lessons is met from the school budget and from a grant from the Bideford Bridge Trust, the travel cost needs to be partially met from parental contributions so please remember to pay as soon as possible via the ScoPay portal. Thank you.

Steve Manning Storyteller

Steve is scheduled to be in school the week after next, sharing all things Egyptian with Stroxworthy Class. At the moment, we do not have sufficient contributions from parents to allow this visit to go ahead. Please could you make your payment over the weekend? On Monday, we will make the decision whether to cancel his visit, if insufficient (i.e. less than 90%) contributions have been received. Thanks.

Chinese New Year gets underway next week, lasting for 16 days. It’s the Year of the Tiger! To mark this cultural festival, Dave will be providing a Chinese themed School Lunch special on Thursday 10th February. Further menu details in next week’s Newsletter but please bear in mind there will be a variation on the advertised menu for that day, including noodles, spring rolls, rice, prawn crackers and other traditional Chinese fayre.


We’re aware that Pokemon cards are once again making a return. Please could I remind everyone that we have no problem with children bringing in and swapping cards, but this can only be swapping and not buying! In the past, we’ve had children trying to buy or barter highly desirable cards from each other for cash or other items and this is absolutely not allowed. If your child is bringing cards in, please make sure they understand how swapping works – i.e. that once a swap has been made, you can’t change your mind and ask for it back.

Monday VSP Parent Consultation meeting: Woolsery 6pm
Tuesday VSP Parent Consultation meeting: Parkham 6pm

VSP Parent Consultation meeting: Buckland Brewer 6pm

Mrs Harding out (am)


Ashmansworthy Class swimming continues

Mrs Appleton out all day

With best wishes,


Matt Cole, Headteacher

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