Ashmansworthy forest school (Hapa zome printing) 8.3.2022

The children had great fun playing a variety of games at the start of the session. We played a dragon game, where a child was a dragon and they had to guess who was trying to steal their keys.1 breath game, the children had to run up the field and scream until their 1 breath ran out and 40:40 out.

The children then went to find some items that they could use to make their Hapazome printing, once they had collected enough they came inside. We watched a video of how to do the printing and then Mrs Appleton demonstrated under the visualiser. We used the bits of material that we drew our symmetrical designs on last week. The children placed a leaf or petal on one half, then folded the other on top and bashed it gently with a rolling pin or water bottle. This made the leaf print onto both parts of the material and created some lovely patterns/designs. Some items printed really well and some things didn’t print so well e.g. a whole flower didn’t work all that well. .

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