Our trip to Bideford

Today we caught the 319 bus to Bideford.  After our walk around Woolsery last week, we wanted to compare our village to a town for our Geography for this term.  We took our clip boards and ticked off everything we saw.

Noah waving to his Nan. Grandad and sister Molly.


Lots of things were similar but Bideford had bigger buildings and a lot busier.


We first walked to the library and met the librarian.

After the library we walked along the Quay and looked at lots of different buildings and features.

This man worked for Torridge District Council and he told us about his job of keeping Bideford clean and tidy.

We noticed the post office was much bigger and lots of us could read the sign ‘post office’.

We had lunch and then a play in the park.

We had a quick stop at the toilets before our Hockings ice-cream.  It certainly got them out of the park quickly!


Then we walked back to the bus for our bus ride home.  Everyone was fantastic and it was a really lovely trip.  Thank you for your support.  Hope they sleep well.

It was windy at the helping hand!

A tractor in Bideford!!

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