Newsletter: 29th April 2022

The Village School Partnership officially launched on Monday! The only change I think you’ll have noticed straight away is our new phone system which was installed over the holidays. This allows our admin team to transfer calles between schools without having to ask the caller to redial. It also means that we can handle child absences though a single person for all three schools. you can use any of our three phone numbers to call any of the three schools and press 1 to report a childs absence, 2 for Buckland Brewer, 3 for Parkham or 4 for Woolsery.

Other changes behind the scenes are:

We’re really pleased to have appointed senior teachers to Heads of Learning roles to look after the day to day running of each of our three amazing schools. The teachers appointed are:

  • Loyce Peter (Buckland Brewer)
  • Louise McCann (Parkham)
  • Sue Kersey (Woolsery)

These are key members of staff that you can talk to if I am not available, but of course, we always advise you to speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance.

We have also appointed Angela Davis, who is based at Buckland Brewer, as our Attendance Officer so it will be her phone that calls relating to child absence will be put through to.

Our new Governing Board met for the first time on Tuesday. Alan Jones was elected as the Partnership’s Chair of Governors with Sarah Broom as Vice Chair. Pete Cox takes on responsibility for Safeguarding and Siobhan Brennan for Special Education Needs and Disabilities. Caroline Boother is the Clerk to the Governing Board and can be contacted via

School field…. at last!

It’s been a long wait to get everything in order but on Monday the children at Buckland Brewer finally got to use their new school field for playtimes. We owe a huge thanks to Pearce Contruction who are currently working in the village. They have lent the school some heras fencing to block gaps in neighbours fencing which was damaged in winter storms – and they even put it up for us! Without their help, we couldn’t have opened the field as planned so thank you, Pearce Construction, for your help!

Groovy Greeks

Buzzards and Falcons classes had a lovely day on Monday launching their Ancienct Greece topic with a Groovy Greeks dressing up day. Thank you to all parents who were able to put a Greek costume together – the children looked magnificent. Here are some photos…

Art Exhibition

Our children’s artwork will be on display in the annual Schools Exhibition at the Burton Art Gallery, Bideford which returns after a two year Covid-Gap. The exhibition runs from this Saturday to early June but the exhibition will be shrunk at the end of May to make way for a new event – so don’t leave it too long to visit! Hopefully you’ll be able to spot our schools’ work in amongst the amazing evidence of inspirational artwork from the young people in our area. Entrance is free!

Exeter Cathedral Chorister Outreach

We’re delighted that the videos of Ashmansworthy, Eagles and Hawks classes performance with the other Bideford schools at the Cathedral last term is now live.

There are two videos – one is the Highlights video which has been produced as a short “taster” for promotions and for future school groups. The other is the full perfomance of the concert and runs for 45 minutes. We hope you enjoy watching and listening to them! Congratulations once again to all of the children involved in this Project – your performances are superb.

Full Concert:


Egg Challenge

Eagles Class have done some fantastic science and DT just before the holidays, with an Egg Crash Challenge. The class are all, I expect, going to turn out to be hugely successful engineers in the future, as not a single egg was broken! Here are some photos…

The Fete of St George, organised by the FOWS committee, was a great success. It was well supported by school families and the local community; there was something for everyone to enjoy and a real buzz.  We are delighted to announce that over £1,000 has been raised!

Thank you to everyone who came, those who donated prizes or baked cakes. Special thanks to our volunteers: Brett & Lindsey Allen (and Chris), Becki B, Tessa, Tom B, Emily Inglis & Mum, Rachel & Dave Ward, Siobahn, Kerrie-Anne & Hazel, Emma & James McGuire, Marie, Lynsey Eavis, Sarah Appleton, Laura Monk and Sue Kersey. The Scouts were also incredibly helpful running stalls – we really couldn’t have done it without you all!

We would love to have this kind of support for our future events too. Just email: if you want to volunteer or join the committee.

‘FROZEN FRIDAYS’: From next Friday (6th May), weather permitting, FOWS will be selling ice lollies at home time, so bring some coins to celebrate the end of the week with a treat.

Rob Cann (with help from Lou and Graeme) spent a busy weekend clearing the old raised beds area, ready for a stage 2 of the new FOWS hub that will be erected there. He has also created a dropped kerb so vehicles can access the playing field for future events and has dug the trenches for the polytunnel to go up soon. Thank you for your hard work.

Jubilee Day at Parkham

On 26th May, the children at Parkham will be celebrating the queen’s Platinum Jubilee. They will be preparing art items for the community exhibition in the Allardice Hall and we’re encouraging all children to come dressed in Red, White and Blue. During the afternoon, the school will hold a traditional Street Party in the playground and will be making crown biscuits with the help of FOPS. Please make a note of this in your diaries! Thanks.



Woolsery Summer Term Clubs

The booking form for Summer Term clubs at Woolsery is now open and can be found at There are six after school clubs to choose from this term!

Most after school clubs are for Key Stage 2 only with the exception of Ballet which as usual is open to all year groups. Staff will be running clubs for Reception and KS1 children in their lunchtimes and High Five Netball will also be running for Key Stage 2 at lunchtime as well.

Clubs begin from next Tuesday apart from Ballet which will begin on 10th May.


Yes, they’re back. We have several cases of headlice in the Partnership. Please could you check your familiy’s hair over the long weekend and treat accordingly. If we can stop this becoming a widepread outbreak during the summer term, it would be wonderful.

If you’re planning to come to the Scouts’ Curry & Quiz Night, please make sure you book by 5th May!

***Please remember if there is an event happening in any of our communities, email details to and I’ll include it here for you ***

All classes are now awarding Headteacher Awards for our Learning Animals, which are shared across ACCT Schools as well. The learning animals collectively represent the qualities that make an effective learner and children are encouraged to demonstrate that they’re developing in these six areas through all aspects of their learning. Well done to everyone who got a Headteacher’s Award this week!

Buckland Brewer

Owls: Eleanora and Jack (Dolphin) – Engaging in their learning and doing extra home learning over the easter holidays.

Falcons: Charlie and Tommy (Dolphin) – Working together in their learning about Mary Anning

Eagles: Oscar and Isaac (Bee) – Working together to build a vehicle to crash test an Egg


Kestrels: Hugo (Dolphin) – diving into his learning at his new school. He is keen to listen, eager to learn and is making new friends; Tyler (Dolphin) – diving into into his learning at his new school. He is keen to listen, eager to learn and is making new friends.

Buzzards: Lewis (Dolphin) – diving into learning by engaging in all his subjects and always excited to learn more; Bronte (Dolphin) –  diving into learning by engaging in her new school and class, being keen to experience new things and make new friends

Hawks: Cayden (Dolphin) – diving into and engagement his mathematics learning. Cayden thought deeply about how to answer questions asked; Abigail (Dolphin) – excitement and enjoyment of learning in English. We listened to a movie trailer of the book we are going to read and we had to predict what we thought would happen.


Sunflowers: Aubree (Dolphin)  -being so confident and exploring her new surroundings with enthusiasm; Mollie (Bee) – kindness shown to all her preschool friends, especially those beginning their preschool journey.

Cranford: Noah (Dolphin) – being a an amazing learnr by adding two numbers together and recording it on paper; Rogan (Dolphin) – being a great mathematician by counting on from a number when adding. 

Burscott: Maggi (Spider) – super effort in her work on half and quarter turns in maths; Monty (Dolphin) – amazing independent recount writing

Stroxworthy: Jack (Bee) – working very well together in groups during our Sound Spectacular in Science; Lyla (Spider) – making links and connections when choosing a book on her own and reading it aloud to Cranford Class

Alminstone: Genevieve (Spider) – making links and connections when creating a fantastic informal piece of writing based on the diary we have shared together in class; Lola (Dolphin) – diving into her learning in computing, demonstrating grea knowledge about websites

Ashmansworthy: Ravi (Spider) – making links and connections in his maths this week; Sebastian (Dolphin) – diving into his learning with a positive attitude this week

Monday Bank Holiday – Schools Closed

Paul Cotter, education consultant, visiting

Eagles (Y4/Y5) to Appledore Art

Stroxworthy & Ashmansworthy – Cricket Coaching (am)

Wednesday Stroxworthy Class – Appledore Art
Thursday Mrs Urquhart and Mrs Miles meeting
Friday Frozen Friday at Woolsery after school

Mr Cole’s Work Pattern

Buckland Parkham Woolsery
Tuesday morning


(SLT meeting PM with Paul Cotter)

Wednesday all day
Thursday all day
Friday all day

Have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend – our schools reopen on Tuesday 3rd May.


Matt Cole, Headteacher

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