Newsletter: 6th May 2022

We are aware of an online game currently doing the rounds called “Poppy Playtime”. This has been blocked by school systems but we are aware that there is also a Youtube version in addition to the game. Like previous content I’ve written to you about, this contains survival-based horror and violence. The game does not appear to have a PEGI rating (the makers suggest it’s OK for children over 8 – it’s not). Please monitor your children’s screen time, and be onl the lookout for this really unpleasant newcomer. Thanks.

Village Walk

On Friday 27th May, FOBBS have arranged for the children at Buckland Brewer school to take part in a sponsored village walk. The children will complete a walk appropriate for their age group during school time, with proceeds from sponsorship going towards FOBBS project – one of which is to equip our new school field with sports and PE equipment… like goals, etc. Please look out for sponsor forms which will be coming your way soon. If you’d like to be a parent helper on one of the three walks, please contact Jen Warrington or any of one of the FOBBS team. Thanks.

Plans are now coming together in all three schools for activities to mark the Platinum Jubilee. You’ll have read last week about Parkham’s plans.

In Buckland, the children will be making hats and crowns which will be judged at the village Jubilee Tea on Sunday 5th June and there will be a prize for a child in each class.

At Woolsery, the children will hold a “street party” on the playground over lunch time and will be producing art work and bunting for the occasion.

All three Parish Councils have organised commemorative mugs to be given to every child (I know some have been given out already). This is something we hope your child will cherish and keep for years to come – being very old, I still have mine from the Silver Jubilee back in 1977!

Bus Changes

If you have children who travel by school bus to Woolsery, you should hopefully have been contacted by Devon School Transport to inform you that the contract has changed from next week. On Monday, Hemmings will be taking over the route and there will be some alterations to timings as there will also be pick ups and drop offs at Bucks Cross on the Clovelly route. I know how attached the children have been to their regular drivers and as a school we’re sorry to say goodbye to Hills, who have been the school transport provider for at least the last fifteen years. We look forward to working with Hemmings as well and know that your child will get to recognise their new driver really quickly.

Clovelly Visitor Centre                        08:35/15:32

Higher Clovelly                                    08:37/15:30

Walland Drive, Bucks Cross            08:42/15:25

Please can you ensure that your children are at the pick-up point 5 minutes before the times above. If you have any questions about the changes, please contact Devon School Transport Team. Thanks.


For the first time since 2019, next week os Key Stage 2 SATS week. This is a really important culmination of learning for our Year 6 children and I know that natural anxiety around the tests is worse this year due to the tests not being part of the normal school routine in recent years. Whilst it’s true that the Secondary Schools have to use test outcomes from SATS to plot your child’s expected education trajectory through Key Stages 3 and 4 it is important that your child doesn’t lose sight of the fact that this is only 4 days of tests out of 190 school days. For us to be at a point where our Y6 children are able to even sit the tests following school closures and bubbles is amazing – we are very proud of them all and I know they will do their best, and that is all we ask.

At both Buckland Brewer and Woolsery, Year 6 will be offered an optional breakfast before school and I know teachers have been in touch with families directly about this. At Parkham, Mr Marks has organised some calming and relaxing activities to give children a boost beforehand too.

For children who share classes with the Year 6 children, there will be some disruption as their teacher have to administer the tests, and in the case of Buckland and Woolsery, the children will be spread across the other classes whilst the tests are in progress. Please also be aware that our administration team is under pressure next week as they also have a vital role in administering the tests so they may not be available to take calls etc on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

For you information, the timetable is as follows:


Punctuation and Grammar


Tuesday Reading
Wednesday Maths papers 1 & 2
Thursday Maths paper 3
Friday No tests

If your Year 6 child is ill next week, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you contact us as early in the day as possible. Your child will not miss their test, we apply for a timetable variation and they will sit their tests later in the week but this process takes time and we don’t want to keep the rest of the very nervous year group waiting unecessarily whilst arrangements are sorted out. Please contact Mrs Davis by pressing Option 1 on the Partnership phone system to inform us of any such absence. Thank you.

Well done to everyone who has been awarded a Headteachers Award based on our Learning Animals this week…

(Due to the Bank Holiday and a School Improvement visit, Celebration Assemblies were disrupted at Buckland and Parkham this week, so there will be some delay in Awards coming through for early editions of the Newsletter – apologies.)

Eagles: Jess (dolphin) –  teaching herself to play the drums and performing as part of a band. 
Falcons: Hugo – For settling in to Falcons Class amazingly. 
Owls: Elsie (tortoise) – Being resilient and brave in her exploring. 

Kestrels: Ben (cat) – questions things he does not understand across all areas of the curriculum. For example, asking the meaning of new words or how gravity works; Athea (cat) – being very curious while exploring the difference between Parkham and London and was keen to learn more.

Buzzards: Ozzie (cat) – showing great curiosity, asking questions and seeking further knowledge on different topics; Harry T (cat) – showing curiosity to find out more about the Greek Gods and Myths by asking questions

Hawks: Anise (cat) –  being curious about the learning in science and asking relevant questions; Xander (cat) – asking questions to improve his understanding of his mathematics learning

Sunflowers: Joshua (spider) – amazing Mark Making within Continuous Provision; Lucas (bee) – Adapting fabulously to his new Preschool Routine

Cranford: Oscar (spider) – reading phase 4 books fluently; Grace (dolphin) – wanting to write independently during continuous provision

Burscott: Robyn (tortoise) – trying really hard to iprove her writing this week; Mollie-Jo (dolphin) – demonstrating beautiful technique in gymnastics

Stroxworthy: Alfie Phe (spider) – making links and connections during guided reading; Seren (bee) – recognising that others may need a little help in the classroom and supporting them with kindness

Alminstone: Wenty (spider) –  making links and connections in computing, demonstrating his understanding of content ownership on the internet; Xavier (dolphin) – diving into his learning and trying his best in all subjects taking care with his presentation.

Ashmansworthy: Maisy (spider) –  making links and connections to gain greater understanding with maths reasoning questions; Emily (owl) –  looking forwards and backwards with her writing to continually improve her spelling and choice of language in her new text.

Monday Mrs Morrison visiting Parkham to work with Mrs Orchard (am)

Buzzards Class at Appledore Art (am)

Mr Cole to Headteachers’ Meeting (pm)


Falcons suwimming lesson

Miss Shorney visiting Woolsery to work with Mrs Oyarzabal (pm)

Thursday Reception children vision screening by school nursing team at Buckland and Parkham (pm)

Mr Cole’s Work Pattern

Monday morning morning morning
Tuesday morning
Wednesday morning afternoon
Thursday afternoon morning morning
Friday all day

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