Jubilee Newsletter 27th May 2022

A Platinum Effort!

The children from across the Partnership have enjoyed celebrating the historic Platinum Jubilee celebrations this week.Thank you to everyone -children, parents, PTAs and staff- who have contributed to the amazing feeling in the schools this week. We hoped this would be something that would stay in the children’s minds for years to come, and I think it certainly will.

Whilst looking through the school’s old log books for Jubilee things, I found this account of the celebrations in Parkham 45 years ago for the Silver Jubilee and thought it might be of interest. Whatever you’re doing over the long bank holiday weekend, I hope you have a truly memorable time.

10th June 1977 – Jubilee Day in Parkham was a tremendous success and I don’t just mean the school’s contribution. On Saturday morning we all met at school. Mrs Attewell got on with costumes helped by her mother and father in law and husband. Mrs Vinnicombe and Mrs Ford carried on dressing the horses and I continued building the chariot. The Witney boys helped and they were very good. Just when I could see I could not finish it up comes Mr Lang who took over to my great relief. On Monday we got everything finished. The parade on Tuesday started fairly promptly. There were a number of people waiting by the school and it was encouraging to hear them clap as each group went through. I thought privately that the Boudicca groups were the most impressive. We had two stops at the top end of the village while one of Guy Fawkes’ minions was taken to the toilet. Then the parade continued. We would have gone around again but some of the chidlren were worn out.The inside of the Allardice Hall was sparkling. A sea of faces, snowy linen, the tables overflowing with food. The ladies had done magnificently. After tea our Mini Knockout. The games if that is the right word went down well and the children loved it. I was pleased with the children’s spirit in seeing them try to entertain rather than win. No accidents thank goodness. Then the tree legged football match. It sounds quite impossible but in fact it worked, although I have no idea who won. I felt on occasion like one of the characters in “Alice In Wonderland” with some tremendous expenditure of energy for no apparent object. At this point it rained hard so after the match we warmed ourselves at the barbecue.In the evening the dance where everyone let their hair down. Children and adults together all having a good time. Well done Parkham!!


After half term, we’ll be collecting old batteries for recycling as part of a scheme which will raise funds for outdoor leanring in all three schools. Please could you start collecting old batteries over the holidays so when collections start in June we can have a strong launch! Thank you,

New Appointment

One Wednesday, we held interviews for a new teaching post. The vacancy has come about becuase Mr Davies and Mrs Dobson will, from September, be deployed across the Partnership to release class teachers for their planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time and also so that our Heads of Learning, Ms Peter, Miss McCann and Mrs Kersey, have time out of class to undertaken their leadership roles. Mr Davies will be delivering PE and some other subjects whilst Mrs Dobson will be primarily teaching art.We had two very strong candidates for Interview and our children would be very fortunate to have either one working for them in the Partnership. After much deliberation, we selected Mrs Jo Richardson who we will welcome as Alminstone Class Teacher from September. Mrs Richardson has been a deputy headteacher just outside of Reading and has recently moved to the area. Before the end of term we will make sure that Mrs Richardson has had opportunities to come into all three schools to familiarise herself with the children, staff and the schools themselves and we welcome her to the team.

Cricket Day

Mr Marks, who is an experienced cricketer and coach, organised a fabulous cricket morning at Buckland Hall on Wednesday this week. We’ll done to everyone who took part!

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Football Match

It has been brilliant to have seen our children compete with other schools as The Village Schools Partnership. The inaugural match was football versus Bradworthy. Although the result wasn’t in our favour, the players were great, particularly being that they’d never played together before. We’ll certainly repeat this, and look at ways the children can train together too.

Adventure Bude

On the last day of our half term holiday (Sunday 12th June) Year 6 will be off on their week-long residential visit to Adventure Bude.Please remember the coach departs from Woolsery Primary School at 3pm so children should arrive at the school at 2:30. Please remember that any medication you’ve listed on the medical forms will need to be checked in when you arrive at the school so have it handy! As I have put in the letter, it’s really useful if inhalers can be in bum-bags as the children will need to carry those on all activities.On Friday, the coach is due to leave Bude at 2pm so we should be back at Woolsery for 2:40 approximately. This should leave plenty of time for Buckland and Parkham families to get over to their own schools for the end of the school day if you have siblings to collect from there. Please don’t worry if you end up running late, staff in Buckland and Parkham will be aware that you’re having to be in two places. If you have arranged to lift share, please could you make sure I know which child will be collected by whom – either let me know on Sunday 12th or drop me a text nearer the end of the week.If you need to get in touch at all, either in the lead up to the residential or during the activity week itself, my school mobile number is 07732310130We will be blogging photos of the week throughout our stay. Please remember you can comment on the blog posts and we will share those comments with the children. I have added a link to the Adventure Bude category on the What’s Been Happening menu, or you can use this link… https://woolseryprimaryschool.edublogs.org/category/adventurebude-22/

Buckland Brewer Playing Field

Please note that the Parish Council have advised us that the public playing field near the village hall (not the school field) needs to have a large trench dug in it, in connection to the new housing on Hill Park. This excavation will take place shortly after the Jubilee weekend, so please check out the field before letting your children play there in the second week of half term.

Gangsta Granny

Woolsery children have had a fantastic morning at The Queen’s Theatre watching Gangsta Granny. Thank you to FOWS for funding this wonderful opportunity to see live theatre- it was brilliant!

FOBBS Sponsored Walk

The FOBBS Sponsored walks take place later today. At the time of writing this newsletter, the weather looks as though it’s going to be kind and I hope lots of money will be raised for the PTA. Most importantly, I hope the children all enjoy having a fantastic time out and about around the village! I’m hoping to add some photos below of the walk later on Friday, so do check back… Thanks.

Forest School

I am very pleased to say that we will be launching some Forest School sessions at Parkham after the half term break. Mrs Todd and FOPS have worked very hard to get the new area to a usable state and we’re very mindful of the need for the Y6 leavers in particular to experience some sessions before the end of term. I have arranged for Louise Grout, Forest School Leader from Woolsery, to come over to Parkham on Friday mornings next half term to deliver sessions for Hawks Class alongside Mr Marks and Mrs Todd. These will begin on Friday 17th and will continue on most Fridays until 22nd July. Children in Hawks Class may want to bring old jogging bottoms to change into for their sessions. Please note we don’t allow shorts or skirts without leggins under in Forest School so in other words, every child’s legs must be covered. The sessions will go ahead come rain or shine, so please make sure your children have a coat with them if it’s looking likely to be wet. Thanks.

Well done to everyone who was presented with a Headteacher Award this week…

Eagles: Jess (dolphin) – engaging with her English final write so enthusiastically; Jamie (spider) – making connections in his angles maths learning
Falcons: Y2 children – for their hard work in their end of key stage tests
Owls: Jack (spider) – making links and connections in his maths when finding half and quater; Sophie (tortoise) – resilience in learning how to use scissors

Kestrels: Jaxon (owl) – Jaxon has listened carefully to feedback on how to form his digits correctly. Today he formed them all correctly. An amazing learning journey; Robson (owl) – Robson has worked hard in Phonics and English to hear all of the sounds in words and write captions. We are very prod of his independent writing.
Buzzards: Emmelene (tortoise) – showing resilience this week working hard on her story and then concentrating to ensure the final version was in her neatest writing; Finn (tortoise) showing resilience this week; he has designed and made a Greek money container in DT and has been working hard with his sewing even though it has been very challenging.
Hawks: Nathan (owl) – understanding and reviewing his learning journey; figuring out what works well for him and how to improve and get better; Sophia (spider) – making connections in learning across different subjects.

Sunflowers: Ziggy (dolphin) – becoming independent in may aspects of the early years curriculum; Albert (dolphin) – developing fantastic ball skills in PE
Cranford: William (dolphin) – writing some amazing sentences this week about the queen; Joshua (dolphin) – always listening and ready to learn.
Burscott: Alfie (dolphin) – diving into his learning by reading beautifully with fluency and expression; Evie (dolphin) – diving into all her learning but especially her reading and improving the pace of her written work!
Stroxworthy: Arthur (dolphin) – diving into his descriptive writing when completing his fantastic final story about a precious stone; Riley (tortoise) – being resilient when writing his final story about a precious stone.
Alminstone: Jackie-Rae (spider) – making links and connections when learning time using the 12 hour and 24 hour clock and answering questions; Isla (spider) – making links and connections when writing her diary entries, including several features that we have been learning about
Ashmansworthy: Elouise (owl) – looking forwards and backwards to continually improve the quality of her writing; Mary-Jane (spider) – making links and connections when planning her final writing piece.

Sunday 12th June Year 6 depart for Bude residential
Monday schools reopen from Half Term break
Wednesday Buzzards Class swimming at Ruby Oak
Thursday Cranford and Burscott Class to Westward Ho! all day
Friday Buzzards and Kestrels to RHS Rosemoor all day

(Mr Cole will be with the Residential in Bude all week)

Happy Half Term!

Please remember the children break up today for a two week half term holiday. The schools reopen on Monday 13th June for the six-and-a-half run up to the end of the school year. Whatever you’re doing over the holiday and long bank holiday weekend, have a wonderful time and thank you eveyrone for your continued support for our amazing schools.With best wishes,Matt Cole, Headteacher

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  1. The sponsored walk went very well! We were very impressed with the children stamina and energy, they could have walked further! We finished off with biscuits and a play in the park and they all enjoyed it. Thanks, Jen :-)

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