We’ve Arrived!

We’re here. The sun is shining. Soooo excited! First Sitting for tea tonight so just going to explore the Centre. 😊

7 responses on We’ve Arrived!

  1. I hope you are all having lots of fun! Big hugs Kitty from Mummy and Daddy xxx

  2. Luke I love your room!! Have a lovely dinner, sleep well, love Mummy and Daddy xxx

  3. Wow! Just the view from the dorms looks pretty special! You lucky lot…enjoy! 😊

  4. I’m glad you got there safely!
    Imogen looks thrilled to have all her buddies in her room!
    Have a great afternoon in the sunshine! :)

  5. Lovely to see you settled into your room Alyssa. Enjoy your dinner and have a great evening. Love you, mum xx

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