Newsletter: 24th June 2022

Adventure Champions!

Well done to all of the Year 6’s who took part in last week’s residential to Bude. If you’ve not seen the photos from the week-long activity filled trip, click on the Adventure Bude 2022 link on the menu of this page to see the amazing things the children got up to. The three schools came together very well and thoroughly enjoyed each others’ company – encouraging and supporting each other throughout the week. They are a credit to you all.

A special well-done to the boys’ Five-a-Side Football team who won the competition against competitors from schools based all over the UK – they didn’t concede a single goal! Also to our three special award winners – Kane, who won the Joker Award for keeping everyone in good spirits all week, Luke, who won the Bottle award for showing lots of bravery, especially on the High Ropes course, and to Josie who won the Superstar award for throwing herself (sometimes literally…) into all the activities all week. I was also so proud that one of the three Tutor Groups from Village Schools Partnership won the Superteam Award from all 20 Tutor Groups on site during our week – huge congratulations, Tutor Group U and well done eveyrone on their achievements from the week. Booking for Bude 2023 will open for next year’s Year 6 in September.

Sporting Fixtures and Opportunities

This is an incredibly busy and exciting time for sporting fixtures and experiences for all three schools. A huge thank you to Mr Marks and Mr Davies for organising such a thorough range of events during this term! If you haven’t seen the photos from this week’s Tri Golf or Cricket, click on the Our Blog: What’s Been Happening link on the menu or use the links below:

Tri Golf:


Sports Days

Sports Days for each school are almost upon us. We are so very happy to be able to open our gates and invite everyone in to share each afternoon part of Sports Day with us.

School Venue Information
Buckland School Field Wednesday 13th July. Parents and friends invited from 1:30pm for the races part of the afternoon.
Parkham Football Field Friday 15th July. Parents and friends invited from 1:00pm.
Woolsery School Field Tuesday 12th July. Parents and friends invited from 12:00 noon for family picnic lunch (school lunch on that day will be lunch-in-a-bag chicken goujons and wedges so children can eat with parents)

If you would like to sit during any of the Sports Days, please bring your own folding chairs as we won’t be bringing classroom chairs out on to the fields. Please also remember that all our sites, including our sports fields, are no-smoking areas and that dogs are not permitted at Sports Day (other than assistance dogs). Also, feel free to take photos of your children’s achievements at sports day but remember that any images you take must not be shared on social media (or elsewhere) without the express consent of the parents of any other child in the shot, so please crop your pictures before you post. Thank you.

At Parkham, FOPS will be selling Cream Teas immediately afterwards form the Allardice Hall. These are £3 each including tea or coffee.

Bideford College Transition Days

Bideford College will be providing transport for Woolsery children attending the Year 6 transition days next Thursday and Friday. The minibus will depart from Woolsery School at 8:45am and will return just before the end of the school day.

It is very important that you let us know if your child is NOT going to use this transport so the group aren’t kept waiting at Woolsery, making them late for their induction days. Thanks

Sunflowers Session Booking – Autumn Term

Session booking for Sunflowers Preschool is now open using the following link:

Bookings need to be made by Friday 8th July to give the school time to arrange staff rotas, etc. You will have your sessions confirmed before the end of term. Please remember that sessions booked must be paid for unless funded through Government schemes – this includes any cancelled sessions for illness, holiday,etc. Thanks.

Woolsery and District Agricultural Show

We’re very aware that for the first time in many years, our schools are still sitting at the time of Woolsery Show, which is always on the last Monday of July. We have spoken to Hartland Primary, who are in the same situation and have come up with a plan to enable families who wish to attend the Show to do so without having to take an unauthorised absence from school.

Between us, Hartland Primary and Village Schools Partnership will have a stand at the Show and this will be staffed by either school staff (for VSP) or PTA volunteers (for Hartland). The stand will hold registers of children from all four schools. You will need to go to the stand and register your child between 9:30am and 11am and will receive a simple worksheet for your child to complete at the show, which they can bring in to school the following day.

If you are intending to make use of this opportunity, it’s very important that you let us know by noon on Friday 22nd July by filling out the following form:

Please could I make clear that you as parents will have full responsibility for your children whilst at the Show and staff will be at the stand for registration purposes only. Entry to the Show is £10 for adults, £4 for children under 16yrs, with Under 5s free. Gates open at 8:30am and the Show concludes at 4:30pm.

London Residential

The Year 5 London Residential is now only a couple of weeks away. Unfortunately, the Partnership between the three schools came along too late to include children from Buckland and Parkham this year (mainly because theatre tickets have to be booked before Christmas) but we will ensure ALL Year 5’s who would like to go next year are able to do so. Booking will open in the early Autumn Term.

For parents of children who are going on the trip, there will be a Parents’ Meeting on Tuesday 28th June at 3:30pm in Ashmansworthy Classroom. Children who are taking part are also very welcome to come along. At the meeting we will discuss the itinerary, spending money, kit list, etc and answer any questions you may have. I’m afraid there won’t be an online option for this meeting as it really needs to be done face to face.

Jubilee Mugs

The much-delayed Jubilee Mugs from Woolsery Parish Council which got held up somewhere far beyond our control are now in school and your child should be coming home with theirs tonight. Woolsery Parish Council are very sorry that these weren’t able to have been given out at the time of the Jubilee itself.

Uniform Orders

Due to the volume of stock we will need to order, Woolsery School has opened the online uniform ordering service for Autumn Term items early this year. It can be found at The deadline for advanced orders is next Friday, 1st July although payment won’t be required until items are in stock in September.

Please note that this is for Woolsery only; Buckland and Parkham orders remain on the usual paper system which can be handed in to either school office.

Miniature Garden Competition

We are running our annual Miniature Gardens competition across all three schools this year – it’s great to welcome this event back into our calendar after the Covid pandemic. The event is wholly funded by Merry Harriers Garden Centre and Gnome Reserve.

There are three categories for entries, and a choice of 2 themes for KS1 and KS2:

Foundation Stage: “My Gnome Garden”

Key Stage 1: “My Gnome Cottage Garden” or “My Gnome Space Garden”

Key Stage 2: “My Gnome Football Practice Garden” or “My Gnome Woodland Garden”

To enter, you need to collect an entry pack including a seed tray (this must be the size of your garden, larger entries accepted), Entry Card and Gnome from Ms Peter, Miss McCann or Mrs Kersey before the end of the month.

Children should then create their miniature gardens ready for parents to drop off at Merry Harriers between 1st and 4th July. These will then form a public exhibition at the Garden Centre between Monday 4th and Monday 11th July.

Winners from each category for each school will be announced in assemblies that week.

Please collect your child’s entry from the Garden Centre as soon as possible after 11th July. You will need to return the seed try to your school but children can keep their gnome.

This event is purely for fun and creativity: there is no charge for entry.

FOBBS will be selling icecreams on the playground after school on Friday – Prices between 50p and £1.

FOBBS Sponsored Walk

Wow! With almost all sponsorship in, FOBBS are completely blown away by the total raised – this currently stands at an amazing £1750!

Well done to Eleanora, Freya and Tommy who raised the most in their respective classes and were presented with prizes in school today.

Well done to our amazing workers for their Headteacher Awards this week…

Owls: Noah– cat- being curious and enquiring when programming on scratch; Leah -dolphin- trying to work more independently.
Falcons: Aoife– turtle- being resilient and persistent when uplevelling her poem with Mrs Parkhouse; Jake– bee – being kind and helpful when out on the trip to Rosemoor.
Eagles: Molly -spider- Using the weeks learning and writing an amazing rhyming poem about cloud watching; Bella– spider- Making connection with syllables to help her write a humorous limerick; Jazmine– dolphin- diving into the experience on Monday at Tri golf amazing attitude.
Kestrels: Iris (tortoise) Iris has recently shown how she has built up her resileince. She is trying not to give up when faced with something new and is gaining so much independence; Myles (dolphin) Myles has worked hard in PE. Last term he was not keen, now he has “dived in” and is trying hard to learn new skills
Buzzards: Tyler (dolphin) Tyler is always keen to learn more, he has an enthusiastic approach and wants to find out about different subjects and to broaden his knowledge; Josie (cat) In our work on plants Josie has shown a curiosity – she carefully dissected her flower to find all the different parts and shared that with the rest of the class.
Hawks: Xander (tortoise) for being resilient and being a great role model to the Year 5s while the rest of the Year 6s were at Adventure International; Luke (bee) for working well with a partner to create a story map to remember the structure of an information text
Sunflowers: Mylee (tortoise) for being resilient and tackling new challenges; Summer (spider) for fantastic blending in phonics
Cranford: Charlie (spider) – for trying really hard in phonics this week; Grace (spider)- for her amazing writing when explaining about her sea creature.
Burscott: Ariah (spider) – super effort making links in maths on Fractions this week; Alfie (dolphin)- great progress in reading, diving into his books
Stroxworthy: Logan (tortoise) – for being resilient when learning the concept of time during maths; Oliver (dolphin) – for diving into his learning like a dolphin when understanding the concept of time in maths.
Alminstone: Dexter (tortoise) – for being resilient and trying hard to not give up when things are challenging; Connie (bee) – for  working well at collaborative tasks with the other children on her table.
Ashmansworthy: Evie (dolphin) – for diving into learning new skills at our golf festival; Holly (bee) – working together by being kind and helpful to her peers in class.


Cranford and Burscott Classes at Burford Woods all day.

Buckland/Parkham/Woolsery Y3 & Y4 Football Match after school at Woolsery

Governors’ Meeting 6pm at Buckland Brewer


Buzzards and Hawks to Taunton for cricket all day

Y5 London Residential Parents’ Meeting 3:30pm, Ashmansworthy Class

Wednesday Buzzards Swimming (am)

Mr Cole’s Work Pattern:

Monday all day
Tuesday all day
Wednesday afternoon morning
Thursday morning afternoon
Friday all day

With best wishes

Matt Cole, Headteacher

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